Al Horford Won’t Exercise 30.1 Million Dollar Option For Next Season

So I wrote an article yesterday about how the Celtics need to re-sign Al Horford immediately. Well, the Horford news took a turn today as the 33 year old big man will not exercise his 30.1 million dollar option for the 2019-2020 season.

This Could Be Good For The Celtics

It’s obvious that the Celtics and Horford have mutual interest in getting a deal done. If Horford takes his player option for this season, then it interferes with the Celtics making a trade or signing free agents. Maybe…just maybe…Horford will take a team friendly deal?

I like the thought that Jimmy Stewart is sharing here. If you get Horford cheaper, you can use that extra money to bring in somebody else that can help the Celtics. It looks more and more likely that Kyrie Irving is gone. So why not get this new Horford deal done ASAP?

This Could Also Be Bad For The Celtics

There have been rumors of Horford being connected to the Houston Rockets. Apparently, the Rockets even impressed Horford with free agency pitches.

I hate seeing this! I love Al Horford and hope the Rockets stay far away from the big man. Then again, the Rockets are in turmoil internally right now. So a trade and a free agency signing could help and Horford could be a big asset to James Harden.

In Conclusion

This Horford news isn’t exactly unexpected. Celtics fans like myself remain hopeful that he signs a new deal in Boston relatively soon. You never know what can happen, considering free agency is an absolute frenzy. But, Al Horford is now an unrestricted free agent and the Celtics better have him high on their radar. Bring Al back to Boston!

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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