Kyrie Irving to Star in High School Drama TV Show

By: John McCormack

Kyrie Irving is set to star in a new high school drama television show that is set to air June 30.  Kyrie and his team are so excited about this opportunity that he isn’t returning the Celtics calls, and has considered retiring to pursue his acting career.  The show is called “Ghosted,” which depicts how high schoolers handle relationships!

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Kyrie is an absolute weirdo and has drastically fallen from my list of favorite players.  Like how can you be a 27 year old, and just straight up not return anyone on the Celtics’ calls.  Remember this is the same team that he verbally committed to last summer.  Kyrie is handling this situation like a high schooler.  Kyrie did the same exact thing with the Cavs when he requested to get traded.  He didn’t answer or return any calls, and it looks like the Celtics are his next victim.  I just can’t imagine being a grown man, and not having the respect of your peers to return their calls.  Even better, why doesn’t he just tell Ainge that he’s not returning instead of continuing to ruin his own imagine and make Boston hate him more than they do.

What an asshole this guy is.  I understand you were traded to this situation and it might not have been where you wanted to be.  However, the Celtics embraced Kyrie Irving and gave him the keys to take this team to the promised land.  But it was Kyrie who never embraced the Celtics or their fans.  Instead, he talked a lot of nonsense and then ran when things didn’t go his way.

Unfortunately, this is who Kyrie is.  He was once a player I loved and was beyond happy to have him on the Celtics.  But now I’m beyond excited to see him leave because this whole thing could have been avoided.  I know he hasn’t signed with the Nets, but for any Nets fans out there…good luck!

John McCormack (Uncle_Mac4)



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