The Celtics Need To Re-Sign Al Horford Right NOW

The Boston Celtics have many questions going into this off-season. One of the lesser concerns involves the future of center Al Horford. Horford’s player option now comes into play for the 2019-2020 season. There have been reports that Horford wants to sign a new deal with the Celtics.

I think I speak for a majority of Celtics nation when I say this: Danny Ainge, re-sign Al Horford NOW!

He Is The Smartest Member Of The Team

It has been said before that Al Horford is the smartest member on this current Celtics team. He knows how to lead in the locker room (take notes Kyrie Irving), he can get his teammates motivated to play, and he is a great defensive presence. Playing great defense requires knowing where to be with certain zones, switches on picks, etc. Horford does a great job on that front. That intelligence piece would be very hard for the Celtics to replace if Horford were to somehow leave.

The Rockets Have Interest In Horford

There is a report coming out that the Rockets and Al Horford might have some mutual interest in each other.

If this is true, then the Celtics have a problem. Sure, there are the rumors flying around that the Celtics might be interested in Clint Capela in a potential trade. But make no mistake about it, I’d personally rather have Al Horford. He can shoot for the outside, and doesn’t mind getting physical at times with certain big men. The Celtics better be keeping an eye on the Rockets when it comes to Horford.

Horford Wants To Come Back To Boston

Horford has expressed multiple times in the past his desire to come back to Boston when his current deal ends. He loves being a part of the community and cherishes putting on a Celtics jersey every night. Why get rid of a big piece of your puzzle when he wants to come back anyway? To me, it seems very clear that the Celtics should work out a deal with Horford when he is expressing his desire to stay.

In Conclusion

Get the deal done, Danny! Al Horford is more valuable than people like to give him credit for, in his time with Boston. Whatever Danny Ainge decides to do this off-season, I will fully support. But one thing is for certain, Al Horford needs to stay on the Celtics for this team to make a deep postseason run.

-Alan Nahigian (BigAl2793)

P.S. My apologies for not getting an article out to all of the loyal readers on Friday like I usually do. I had to drive to New York for the weekend and had no internet access in my hotel room all weekend. It happens, but I’m back at it!

-Al Nahigian

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