AEW is Best in the World, CM Punk and Social Media Fan Reaction

When the camera panned the crowd at the Untied Center in Chicago, the anticipation was through the roof. Then it happened, after seven years, the CM Punk entrance music would hit and he was officially All Elite at AEW Rampage.

The moment was huge, wrestling felt awesome again. The last 20 plus years, the WWE has roamed free in the wrestling landscape. The wrestling giant has had little to no competition.

Over the years, the WWE has become stale and unoriginal. Yet, the company is making millions of dollars off TV deals and more.

Punk’s entrance officially shifted the momentum into AEW’s lap. They have the crowd eating from the palm’s of their hands every week. The product is fresh, it’s edgy and more importantly people feel like it’s relatable.

WWE’s lackluster response

When Punk debuted on Rampage on Friday night, there was nothing the WWE could do on Smackdown to rival that. Nothing. Instead, they attempted to answer with Logan Paul.

Paul was announced on Smackdown to join Raw on Monday. This is such a Vince McMahon thing to do. Instead of building stars, the WWE must dig into their pockets and dish out cash to celebrities to gain a share of the audience.

McMahon continues to recycle old stars versus building new ones. The Bill Goldberg’s of the world are constantly being brought back and placed into high leverage spots. Talent and fans are getting tired of that stale approach.

In addition, WWE has jettison much of its talent recently in budget cuts. The talent that is being let go has for the most part landed on their feet nicely joining other companies.

The talents leaving WWE has been one of the pipelines to adding talent to AEW. With the addition of Punk, AEW has added the hottest free agent name in the business. It’s expected that Daniel Bryan will be making his debut next month.


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Punk’s debut was huge, arguably one of the biggest debuts in pro wrestling. Back in 2014 leading up to Money in the Bank, Punk would end his promo’s saying, “Do I have your attention, now?”

CM Punk and AEW has our attention, they have WWE’s attention too. AEW and Punk are the best in the world right now.

Here is a look at what fan’s have said on social media.


– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique on Twitter)

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