Adam Sandler is an Incredible Talent and Screw You

Hey everyone,

Look I’m sorry about what I said in the title of this blog. I guess I’m doing that thing where I say something drastic so you’ll click on the link. Actually you know what? Never mind. Fuck you. I was right the first time.

Fuck you because you don’t appreciate an American Treasure. You point and laugh and mock my boy, Adam Sandler. Why do you do this? Is it because he made a couple of bad movies after countless great ones? Is it because he got a little bit lazy when he became rich beyond his wildest dreams? What kind of logic is that? Would you forget about the Mona Lisa if Leonardo Dicaprio painted a crumby old goat late in his career?

What I’m getting at is Adam Sandler is a god. He’s been a god since the Chanukah Song. He’s been a god since Billy Madison. He’s been a god since Happy Gilmore, and Big Daddy, and the Wedding Singer, and Mr. Deeds, and The Waterboy and so on and so on. Did he make a couple stinkers because he wanted to shoot movies in Hawaii just so he could go on vacation with his family? I don’t know. Shut up.

There’s no denying Adam Sandler’s talent and never has that been more evident than in his latest comedy special 100% Fresh. He’s been beaten down by critics and the box office and sadly even his own fans. But he shakes off all that negativity to give a truly inspired, funny, silly, and sometimes even heartfelt performance in his return to stand up.


100% Fresh shows a more seasoned Sandler displaying shit jokes, dick jokes, and the movie star charm that made him so famous. The special isn’t afraid to be juvenile. It’s not afraid to bring up the stuff you used to laugh about at recess… before you started crunching numbers for Wells Fargo. Before you married a woman you hate. Before you started shopping at Men’s Wearhouse. Before you started lying to your son, Derek, telling him that someday if he worked really hard, he could play major league baseball — even though Derek has a flat, 78 MPH fastball that he consistently leaves out over the heart of the plate. No, Adam isn’t scared to mention a pussy fart. He isn’t scared to sing a song even if it’s only 30 seconds long. (I hate rhyming so much).

Sandler isn’t up there like every other 40+ comic crying about how he hates the state of America’s political climate or trying to find punchlines while explaining the intricacies of baking bread. No. Sandler unapologetically says dick and balls a lot. Watch the special.



For all of you genius snobs out there who are smirking at this blog because you think all the movies I mentioned were junk. Well, firstly, you’re wrong. Happy Gilmore is a near perfect movie. But if you want me to roll up my sleeves I will…

**Not Rolling up my sleeves because I forgot I’m wearing a t-shirt** …here goes nothing

Adam Sandler’s performance in Paul Thomas Anderson’s PUNCH DRUNK LOVE is on par with anything Tom Hanks, Daniel Day Lewis, or Leonardo DaVinci has ever done. Sandler plays a small business owner hanging onto sanity by a thread. His performance is reserved and measured while simultaneously being completely untethered. His portrayal of character Barry Egan is effortless and natural. So shut the fuck up!

Secondly, if you haven’t seen the Meyerowitz Stories, then you can’t really speak to Adam Sandler’s talent. He is good at acting in this movie. But you probably didn’t watch it because it’s not about explosions or Tokyo Drifting.

I rest my race.

-Steak Jones


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