Aaron’s Girl Friend Tells It To The Judge

Earlier today, TMZ released a video of Aaron Judge’s Girl Friend, Samantha Bracksieck, getting arrested for driving under the influence. If you have not seen the video yet, don’t worry, I included it in this article. Don’t worry, though, there is a lot to unpack in it.

The Video:


As I stated earlier, A LOT to unpack! First, she gets pulled over because she is driving down the street with no headlights on. When told that’s why she got pulled over, she proceeded to say it was because she just got her car serviced—got to love drunk girl logic! At this point is where things start to get very entertaining. When asked how many drinks she has had tonight, she answers that she has had two glasses of wine! We all know what that means though when talking about wine, two translates to a whole bottle—not hating on it at all! We have all been there. Well, minus the DUI part. Hopefully, none of us have been there.

As the police cuff her, she drops the bomb. The typical rich frat boy/drunk girl response, “Do YoU kNoW wHo My DaD iS.” Except for this time, it was, “Do you know who my boyfriend is.” Classic. Keep in mind up till this very moment the cops or even the press for that matter, didn’t have a care in the world about who this girl was or who she spends her free time with. She made it know. All she had to do was not say a damn thing, spend 2-3 hours in the drunk tank, then she would be free to go home (which the cops told her multiple times). News flash lady, saying your boyfriend is Aaron Judge, will not get you out of your arrest. All it will probably do is get you an arrest and then Judge dumping you, all within 24 hours of each other. At least that’s what a smart famous person should do.


This entire story can be avoided if she just simply listens to her Miranda rights and remains silent. She was already under arrest, nothing she could have said or done would have got herself out of it. She made it worse and single handily blew this story up. Also, hasn’t she heard of a company called Uber? You know that company that is literally on your phone to get you from one place to another safely while you have that internal battle of not falling asleep in the backseat on your way home. To be honest, I consistently lose that battle, and I’m still here. It seems like a great app to me! Sam, listen to the experts here. Drop your keys on the counter, open the app store, and download the Uber App, link your debit card up to it, and BAM! No more DUI’s! Pretty cool, huh?

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-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95) 

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