Who is the MLB’s Top Shortstop?

Many of these lists float around the internet, but usally they are based in some weird fantasy realm or trying to be controversial “takes”. For me, this list is inspired by my love for Xander Bogaerts, and wondering where he stands in the league. This list will be my ranking of the top 10 shortstops right now, based simply on pure love of the game.

10. Bo Bichette

Bo is the kind of guy who is exciting, and I thought about putting higher on this list. If the list was based on “who would I build a franchise around, Bo could hit the top 5. Pedigree and great hair make him and instant fan favorite, but its excellent field work and a fast developing bat that make him one of the best to watch. He will continue to climb this list.

9. Paul Dejong

Most underrated shortstop on this list, Paul is a beauty who leads with his bat. Playing in those beautiful Cardinal uniforms, Paul grabs the eye with arguably the best bat on this whole list. He is also super handy for the simple fact that he can play anywhere in the infield. Sometimes the guys you don’t hear about are the ones you want.

8. Gleyber Torres

Fuck the Yankees, but this kid is good. I don’t want to talk about the Yankees.

7. Marcus Semien

This guy is weird for me, because I have always kept an eye on the A’s. Semien is longer in the tooth then some of these other players, but he’s on this list because of work ethic. He has grinded out a great career, where he has a balanced bat, and above average fielding. He’s a classic Athletic, simply for the fact that nobody really saw him coming.

6. Fernando Tatis Jr

The stud prospect from a few years ago has turned into one of the most feared players should he stay healthy. If you picture a shortstop, he would come to mind. Fast, great bat, rocket arm and flashy, this kid is going to continue to kill it and hopefully breath life into a shitty franchise. Also, fuck Machado as well.

5. Trea Turner

World series champion, base path burner, great guy, above average hitter, utility ability as an outfielder, what isn’t there to like? Trea is scary on the base paths, and for me was one of my favorite players to watch in the playoffs last year. I have followed Trea for a long time, and I’m glad that he’s getting his due.

4. Xander Bogaerts

Beauty, grace, he’s miss United States? Seriously, arguably the best looking guy in the league, Red Sox nation has fallen in love with the multi lingual Arubian stud. His bat continues to impress me, and I think he’s a better fielder then many give him credit for. He signed a deal that keeps him here until 2027, and that also makes me ecstatic. I love the guy, what can I say.

3. Javier Baez

Javy is crazy good. Go to youtube and search for his fielding highlights right now. Its fantastic the stuff he is able to do in the field. And hes no slouch at the plate either. Hes an incredible player, and arguably the best Cubs player.

2. Trevor Story

Colorado gets no love, but Trevor Story is a freak. Great fielding, plus plus bat, and plus speed, I wanted to put Trevor number 1. This guy could be a cornerstone of a franchise, and deserves everyones respect and admiration.

1. Francisco Lindor

The ultimate trade bait. Lindor is a stud. He’s a switch hitter who has a great bat, he’s a player that is loved by fans and players, and he’;s a stud in the field. This guy simply can do it all. 

This is my list. Plain and simple. You don’t like it? Meet me on twitter because I love baseball and would be happy to discuss it. I miss this game, but watching videos of these guys for this article has been a pleasure. The fact that there is this many players who are complete studs is amazing. Fingers crossed that our game can return safely.

-Dave Little (@DLittleMLB)

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