Aaron Rodgers Brother Jordan Rodgers Put Him On Full Blast And We Got Some Family Drama

First of all, if you don’t know who Jordon Rodgers is, don’t worry about it because I wouldn’t either if I didn’t have a girlfriend (humble brag) who watched The Bachelor. Or it was The Bachelorette, I think. Regardless, he was on that show series recently.

It’s been pretty known for a while now that Aaron Rodgers and his family don’t really get along well. Aaron Rodgers ex, Olivia Munn, opened up about what she knew of the torn relationship between AR12 and his family and basically said that both sides are to blame for it all.

Well, when Aaron Rodgers dropped a video that encourages people to donate toward the California Wildfires on Wednesday, Jordon Rodgers chirped his brother on Twitter.

Jordon coming in hot. This is the kind of thing you say to the family member who you low key hate after you’ve thrown back about six or seven of Aunt Bertha’s special-yummy-melon juice. I don’t really know where I stand on this one. Obviously, I don’t know a thing about his relationship with his parents but I mean, if he hasn’t talked to them in months as is, wouldn’t it be just as fake to call them?

It’s an incredibly heartbreaking situation out in California right now and we all need to pray for those who were hurt by this tragedy. But come on Jordan, leave this kind of BS off of Twitter. I mean, don’t because I love the drama and that’s the only reason why I’m on Twitter, but I’d be pissed if I was in the Rodgers family.

Just because you guys are having issues doesn’t mean you come flying in from the top rope with a flying elbow. Yeah, it’s incredibly effective. If you take an elbow to the jaw while that bow built up some force thanks to gravity, that’s gonna be painful. But was it really necessary?

Was Aaron Rodgers being authentic through this video? Probably not, but that’s life. It’s PR 101 and how do you get people to donate to areas that were majorly affected by natural disasters? Throw a celebrity in front of the camera and convince them to do it. Easy.

But… Again, I’m ALL IN on family drama. Perfect timing for Thanksgiving. Gifts? Food? Booze? HA. FEED ME THE MISFORTUNES OF A DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY.

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Nick Quaglia 

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