A Must Win for the Boston Celtics as they Head into Chicago

The Boston Celtics take on the Chicago Bulls tonight in a must win game for the C’s. Chicago is the third worst team in the Eastern Conference so the Celtics should take care of business. Last time these two teams met, the Celtics dominated the Bulls, beating them by 56. So why is this game considered a must win game? The Celtics are going to have two tough back to back games at the beginning of next week, playing at Toronto Tuesday and hosting the Portland Trailblazers Wednesday at TD Garden.

With a lost-on Thursday night in Milwaukee, the Celtics have put themselves in a position where this game is very important. This is a very winnable game and could have afforded to rest Kyrie Irving if they decided to do so. Now do they want to take that chance? You are now going to need your best offensive scorer on floor to better your chances for a win.

The Celtics are currently in the 5thseed in the Eastern Conference. They are one game behind the 76ers, along with a game and half behind the Pacers for the 3rdseed. However, the good news is that the Celtics could potentially be in 3rdplace by the time all games are over on Saturday night. This will be very significant for the Celtics as they will be heading into Toronto Tuesday night for another big time Eastern Conference game.

No panic yet for Celtic fans. It did hurt that they lost that game Thursday night in Milwaukee, because that put the team in a tough situation. That loss will mostly likely take away any chance of the Celtics getting the number one seed. However, I am not too worried about Milwaukee. I believe the Celtics can take care of business in a seven-game series against a team who still hasn’t proved anything in the playoffs. Maybe getting the fourth seed won’t be the worst thing for this team. The Celtics would then face the Raptors in the Conference finals instead of the second round.

Celtic fans still don’t know what team to expect each night they take the floor. It has been a roller coaster year to say the least. As we wind down the regular season and head into the playoffs, this team still has the capability to making it out of the East. Hopefully by the time playoffs come, ego’s will go to the side and everyone will do their job.

Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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