Lock Chris Sale Up Before It Is To Late

The ace of the Red Sox is on pace to be a free agent at the end of this year, unless something drastically changes over the next 8 months. He goes by the name Chris Sale. For those of us that don’t live under a rock you might have heard of him before.  Well, it’s time to lock Chris Sale up for a long time, before it’s too late.

The Red Sox front office has screwed up this situation before, and they know it too! Last week the Red Sox ownership was quoted as saying they screwed up the Jon Lester situation. Uh, DUH! You guys royally screwed it up! That’s what makes me so nervous with Sale heading to free agency at the end of this year.

Sale has also expressed interest in staying in Boston and seems pretty eager to sign an extension. He posted a 2.11 ERA with 237 Strikeouts over 158 innings pitched. He also has a sub 3 career ERA. So tell me again why this guy isn’t already locked into a multi-year deal? Oh that’s right because John Henry just all of a sudden gets real cheap with his money once a pitcher is anywhere near the age of 30. John, pal, do all of Red Sox Nation a favor here…..SIGN CHRIS SALE BACK!!!

This needs to be done before the season ends, I don’t care if it is done in spring training, mid-season or 1 day before the season ends. It just needs to be done ASAP!! The minute Sale is able to test the free agent market and can see what type of money he’s able to get, it immediately becomes 10x harder to resign him.

Yes Chris Sale is turning 30 at the end of March. Yes me and him share the same birthday so, that makes us birthday buddies! Now, Dombrowski I know you are listening, go give my birthday buddy the money he deserves will you? Give both of us a nice early birthday present and in return we will win you the World Series this year. Deal? Ok cool thanks I knew I could count on you!

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95) 


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