A Look into the Crystal Ball: 2021 NFL Season Predictions!

  1. The start of the NFL season is like Christmas to Sports fans. That excitement is no different this year for the 2021 NFL Season.

Like most Holidays, everyone has their traditions. The same can be said about the start of the NFL season. Take me for example. Every year I go week to week and pick wins and losses, add them all up and see what the records are. Then I compile them the best I can into the playoff format and pick my Superbowl winner. It is a fun process I look forward to every year.

So what I am saying is I am a massive nerd for NFL Football. So, with that being said, I want to share my nerdiness with everyone and reveal my predictions for the 2021-2022 NFL Season

AFC Division Races and Playoff Picture for the 2021 NFL Season

AFC East 

Buffalo- 12-5     New England- 10-7    Miami- 6-11   New York Jets- 5-12

We kick it off in the AFC East where the Buffalo Bills will reign supreme again.

New England will get a winning record and 2nd place with rookie Mac Jones at the helm.

Miami will struggle once again, but it is not Tua’s fault, just a couple more years away from contending.

The Jets, well they are the Jets, they aren’t a complete team yet, but, they are a couple of drafts away from being a contender like Miami.

AFC North

Cleveland- 11-6     Baltimore- 11-6    Cincinnati- 7-10     Pittsburgh- 11-6

Cleveland just squeezes past the Ravens for the division, Ravens sit pretty in 2nd place.

Cincinnati has a bounce-back season with Joe Burrow behind center as they inch closer and closer to the playoffs

Pittsburgh in all honesty will be sketchy this year, they could be good, they could be bad, their schedule is tough as hell. So we shall see.

AFC West 

Kansas City- 13-4    Los Angeles Chargers- 10-7    Denver- 10-7     Las Vegas- 10-7

Kansas City is well Kansas City.

Chargers, Broncos, and Raiders all finish in a deadlock, but Chargers earn the right to the 2nd seed in the end.

AFC South 

Tennessee- 12-5  Jacksonville- 7-10  Indianapolis- 5-12   Houston- 1-16

Easily the worst division in the AFC, the Tennessee Titans should run away with it like they do in my prediction.

Jacksonville looks goos with Trevor Lawrence and a revamped offense.

Indianapolis takes a step back with Wentz at the helm and his injury statuses

Then, there’s Houston… that is all I need to say…

AFC Playoff Picture

1. Kansas City (BYE) 2. Tennessee 3. Buffalo 4. Cleveland 5. Baltimore 6. LA Chargers 7. New England

AFC Wild Card Games

7. New England @ 2. Tennessee

6. LA Chargers @ 3. Buffalo

5.Baltimore @ 4. Cleveland

AFC Divisional Round

5. Baltimore 1. Kansas City

3. Buffalo 2. Tennessee

AFC Championship Game

5. Baltimore @ 3. Buffalo 


NFC Division Races and Playoff Picture for the 2021 NFL Season

NFC East

Dallas- 11-6   New York Giants- 8-9  Washington- 6-11  Philadelphia- 4-13

Dallas and Dak bounce back from a rough last season as the Hard Knocks team finished first in the East

Giants look rejuvenated and finish in second

Washington takes a step back, as they start the season hot then the Fitzmagic fades out once again.

NFC North 

Green Bay- 13-4   Chicago- 6-11  Minnesota- 5-12  Detroit- 4-13

The Last Dance for the Packers starts out well as they finish first in the division once again

Dalton starts for Chicago, will struggle, then in comes Fields to get them to 6 wins.

Minnesota is looking like a hot mess right now, Kirk Cousins isn’t getting any younger or better either.

Detroit on paper does not do well, but, they will fight to the end of every game and they are never out of it.

NFC West

Los Angeles Rams- 13-4  Seattle- 12-5  San Francisco- 11-6  Arizona- 7-10

The toughest division in the whole NFL is a doozy. The Rams and new QB, Mathew Stafford send their way to the top of the division with an offensive explosion.

Seattle once again is a dominant team, that defense, and O-Line, still questionable

San Francisco will see a full season of Jimmy G lead the team to the playoffs again.

Arizona takes a massive step back…

NFC South

Tampa Bay- 14-3   New Orleans- 11-6  Carolina- 10-7  Atlanta- 4-13

Tom Brady and Tampa Bay run their way through the South and claim the best record in the NFL

New Orleans with Jameis Winston is still a decent offensive team.

Carolina will see a resurgence with a healthy McCaffrey and a rejuvenated Sam Darnold

Atlanta continues their rebuild as they struggle for yet another year.

NFC Playoff Picture

1. Tampa Bay (BYE) 2. LA Rams 3. Green Bay  4. Dallas 5. Seattle 6. New Orleans 7. San Francisco

NFC Wild Cards

7. San Francisco @ 2. LA Rams

6. New Orleans @ 3. Green Bay

5. Seattle @ 4. Dallas

NFC Divisional Round

4. Dallas @ 1. Tampa Bay 

3. Green Bay 2. LA Rams

NFC Championship Game

3. Green Bay 1. Tampa Bay


Green Bay vs. Buffalo

What a doozy of a Super Bowl this would be! The Last Dance Green Bay Packers going up against the up-and-coming Buffalo Bills at SoFi Stadium. In the end, though, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers come out victorious one last time giving Rodgers his 2nd Super Bowl title, and leaving Green Bay in Style.

-Jeff Hoak (@jeffhoak1)

Featured Image: Clutch Points (clutchpoints.com)

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