Kemba Continues To Shine, Kyrie Continues To Fall

Their play styles? A little bit different. Their teams success this season? Also, a little bit different. But, their leadership styles? Yeah, that’s where they are EXTREMELY different. Kemba Walker and Kyrie Irving switched jerseys this off-season and it changed the dynamic of the Eastern Conference. But one thing is for sure, Kemba’s leadership continues to progress forward while Kyrie’s leadership continues to dwindle. Don’t believe me? Allow me to show you a bit of evidence!

Kemba’s Leadership

Accountability. There’s nothing better in this day and age. Kemba Walker continues to say how HE has to do better on the court. He’s not finding excuses or ripping apart his teammates/organization. He is taking the responsibility on his own shoulders. Sure, Kyrie might have a step up on him as a player. But, give me Kemba for this team as he continues to lead and be a good example to the younger players.

See that? Kemba is hugging Smart as opposed to getting in his face for missing a big shot. That is how a leader is supposed to act night in and night out. Walker loves being a part of the Celtics and a winning team, which shows every night that he steps onto the court.

Kyrie Irving’s Leadership

Kyrie back to saying Kyrie-type statements! Holy smokes, when will this guy just stop talking? He just came back from a significant injury and he’s already bashing the team. I get that Kevin Durant is out for the season, so he has a minor point there. But dude, you KNEW you were going into this situation. Also, somebody correct me if I’m wrong here. But, didn’t the Nets make the playoffs last year without Kyrie? *checks notes* NEWS FLASH, YES THEY DID! You would think bringing in a guy like Kyrie would only help the Nets. Even Charles Barkley knows what Kyrie is doing isn’t right.

Kyrie should literally keep his mouth shut and play the game. Next season, you get Durant back and you’ll probably be competing for the Eastern Conference. Until then, be a better leader for the Nets.

In Conclusion

The two leadership styles are different. Kemba’s has gotten the Celtics in a battle for the 2/3 seed in the Eastern Conference. Kyrie barely has the Nets at the eight spot in the Eastern Conference. This is just another classic example of how the Celtics added by subtraction. The Nets meanwhile, they can have fun with that problem for the rest of his contract.

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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