2021 NFL’s Top 100: 100-91

There are less than 100 days until the start of the 2021 regular season. So I thought now is the best time to start my Top 100 NFL Players For the 2021 season. I have spent time and effort putting together this list of my top 100 NFL players for the 2021 campaign. A lot of film watching, a lot of switching things around and finally here are I am with my list of the top 100 NFL Players. Today I am going to give you my players ranked from 100 to 91 on my list. With that being said here are my players ranked from 91-100 on my 2021 NFL Top 100 list.


100.) Kenny Golladay (NY Giants)

Kenny Golladay signed a four year 72 million dollar deal with the NY Giants in the off-season. Golladay is a two time 1000 yard receiver and will be the number one target for Daniel Jones this season. He is ranked at number 100 due to the impact that I see him having on the Giants offense this season. New York needed a physical deep threat and that is exactly what Golladay can be for this Giants team. The way that Golladay can change his positioning on his routes to adjust his body is top notch.

With Golladay on the field the play action will again become a threat for the New York Giants. If the chemistry between Jones and Golladay can develop we could easily see Golladay be a three team 1000 yard single season receiver after this season.


99.) Terry McLaurin (Washington Football Team) 

Scary Terry is a fantastic wide receiver that should be recognized more in this league. McLaurin is now in his third season has seen a good amount of targets in his first two seasons in the league. 93 targets his rookie season and 134 targets last season. He is trending in the right direction and continues to show how good he can be. With his speed he can beat any corner back in the league from time to time. If the Football team has a good quarterback throwing him the football again this season, we could see a giant increase in his numbers.

Racking up 919 receiving yards his rookie campaign and 1,118 in his sophomore campaign is a good start to his career. Last year was the breakout year, but I think that McLaurin can easily top those numbers this season. Watch out for the name Terry McLaurin as he is going to be a household name by the end of the 2021 campaign.


98.) L’Jarius Sneed (Kansas City Chiefs)

People really don’t know how good L’Jarius Sneed was his rookie year with the Kansas City Chiefs. He was a fourth round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft and he came to play last season. He started in six out of the nine games he appeared in last season, but he was effective in those games. Sneed will be a Pro Bowler this season. That is how good he will be for the Kansas City Chiefs defense this year.

Big things are coming for Sneed in his sophomore campaign. Opposing quarterbacks are not going to want to throw his way this season.


97.) Tyler Lockett (Seattle Seahawks)

Tyler Lockett is Russell Wilson’s most reliable receiver that he has right now. The now seven year pro has been one of the best receivers that nobody talks about in the last three seasons. Two seasons with 10 receiving touchdowns and two seasons with over 1,000 yards receiving as well. Lockett has been a corner stone in the Seahawks offense. He also is a great compliment receiver to DK Metcalf. With Lockett’s speed he is instantaneously a threat to go deep every play.

With Lockett on the field this offense brings a whole other dynamic that not a lot of teams can say that they have. If Lockett isn’t getting open during the game, it doesn’t help DK Metcalf get going. Watch out for Tyler Lockett as he will look to add one to what has been a great three year span for him in the National Football League.


96.) Ryan Tannehill (Tennessee Titans)

The reason the Tennessee Titans have been where they have been the last couple of seasons is mostly because of this man. Tannehill’s record as the Titans quarterback is pretty good. 18-8 in 28 regular season starts and he is 2-2 in the post season for Tennessee. Ryan Tannehill had a career resurgence with his move to Tennessee. He has been the type of quarterback that everybody thought he was going to be coming out of high school.

Tannehill threw a career high in touchdown passes last season with 33 and a career high in rushing touchdowns with 7. He was responsible for 40 touchdowns last season which is insane to think about. Tannehill was potentially going to be a back up for the rest of his football career until he started balling out with the Titans. We will see more of what we saw last season from this Titans offense and it will be because Ryan Tannehill will have that passing game going to help Derrick Henry find more holes on the ground.


95.) Elgton Jenkins (Green Bay Packers)

Jenkins is entering his third season in the NFL, and is already a Pro Bowler offensive lineman. He is very versatile at what position on the offensive line that he can play. Having the ability to play center, guard, or tackle is impressive in my opinion. With all the different types of techniques that you need to know how to do to be able to play all those positions is fantastic to see. He is going to be vital to Aaron Rodgers or any other quarterback who plays for the Packers in my opinion. I feel two straight Pro Bowl seasons coming for Jenkins.


94.) Jamal Adams (Seattle Seahawks)

The three time Pro Bowler and 1 time all-pro has been phenomenal in his short NFL career. He is hands down one of the best safeties in the league today. Seattle traded for him last season and it helped solidify that defense. Adams could easily become a linebacker with his body type and his ability to blitz consistently. He had a career high 9.5 sacks last season and with him playing the hybrid safety role looks like he will be a big time factor yet again this season. We should see Adams get over 10 sacks next season and we shall see how good his coverage skills are yet again.


93.) Joe Burrow (Cincinnati Bengals)

Coming off of ACL surgery is something that I fear for Joe Burrow. I do hope that he is 100 percent by the time of the first snap of the regular season. Burrow was showing real potential last season and I want to see him play a full season in the NFL. I think he can help Cincinnati win their first playoff game since 1990. There is some serious potential with the Bengals and I think Burrow is the quarterback to get the best of that potential. I am assuming he will be higher on the list by this time next season when he gets this full season under his belt. Expect around 3400 passing yards and 30 touchdowns in 2021’s campaign.


92.) Kyler Murray (Arizona Cardinals) 

This is the season where Kyler Murray makes a playoff run. Arizona has done a bunch to improve not only the offense, but added to the defense as well. Murray was also hurt for the last stretch of games of 2020 so his numbers aren’t what they could have been. I believe that Kyler Murray will throw for over 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns this season. I can’t wait for the Kyler Murray coming out party in 2021. We got a brief snippet of it last year we will get the full thing this season.


91.) Adam Thielen (Minnesota Vikings)

Adam Thielen is one of the reasons why the Vikings offense is as great as it is. Thielen had a career high in touchdowns last season and was very productive alongside rookie Justin Jefferson for wide receivers. I do think Thielen is taking the number two role this year, as I see big things coming for Jefferson in his rookie campaign. This might be best case scenario for Thielen though. We can really see Thielen strive in 2021 with getting the 2nd corner back on him. He is a great route runner and will create some mismatches from time to time if he is going up against the opposing’s team number two corner back on the depth chart. Watch out for Thielen as he will get his third thousand yard receiving season of his career.


Stay tuned as 90-81 will be out Thursday 6/3/21.


-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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