2021 NFL Top 100: 30-21

Happy 4th everyone, I am back to bring another part of my NFL Top 100 list. Sorry for the wait, life comes at you fast some time. Nonetheless I am back to give you my players ranked from 21-30 in my Top 100 for the 2021 season. If you want to see my list for 31-40, here is the link.

2021 NFL Top 100: 40-31

Now with that being said, here are my players that rank from 21-30 in my 2021 NFL Top 100 list.

30.) Fred Warner (San Francisco 49ers) 

Leading off this blog for my 2021 NFL Top 100 list is Fred Warner at number 30. Warner has been a big impact player since entering the league in 2018. Warner has not missed a game in his NFL career and has started in every single game as well. He was an all-pro last year and has not had less than 118 tackles in a single season. He is one of the best coverage linebackers that we have in the league today. Fred Warner deserves more recognition and I think that this is the year that the 24 year old will get the recognition that he deserves.

29.) DeAndre Hopkins (Arizona Cardinals) 

DeAndre Hopkins has been a beast since entering the league in 2013. Last season was one of the best seasons that I have seen him have. He had 115 receptions last season to go along with 1,407 receiving yards and 6 touchdowns. Hopkins also reached the 10,000 receiving yard total for his career last season as well. Hopkins has been very durable in his NFL career as he has only missed two games in his entire 8 year career. Being Kyler Murray’s number one target has its dividends, and we saw Hopkins usage rate go through the roof last year. We could see similar numbers this year as well.

28.) Chris Jones (Kansas City Chiefs)

Chris Jones is vital to this Kansas City Chiefs defense. He continues to push the pocket and continue to make opposing offenses miserable. Jones had a fantastic season in 2018 when he had 15.5 sacks in that season. In the last two years we have seen his sack numbers take a bit of a hit, but he still is very effective in his game. The way he can just push offensive lineman out of the way is ridiculous. He is strong and will continue to be a thorn in the side of all offensive lineman around the league.

27.) Julio Jones (Tennessee Titans)

Julio was hurt last season and only played in 9 games. Now that he is fully healthy we will see the Julio that we are use to seeing. Only this year it will be in a different uniform. Jones was traded to Tennessee and I think his value has gotten a lot better in the 2021 season. Having him in an offense where Derrick Henry and A.J. Brown are the focal points is big time for him. I expect for the second time in his career we will see him with double digit touchdowns in a single season. Watch out for Tennessee Titans version of Julio Jones, because it could be a lot better than what we saw of him in Atlanta.

26.) David Bakhtiari (Green Bay Packers)

David Bakhtiari has been one of Aaron Rodgers’ best teammates in the last decade. Bakhtiari is the starting left tackle for Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. He has been protecting Rodgers’ blindside since 2013, and he has done a fantastic job at doing that. He is one of the best pass blocking tackles in the game today. Unfortunately last season was cut short for him due to him tearing his ACL in a practice in December last season. If he is fully healthy, he will continue to be a big time player for that Packers offensive line.

25.) Quenton Nelson (Indianapolis Colts)

We have to start putting some respect on Quenton Nelson’s name. He has been in the league for three years now, and has been an All-Pro left guard in all three of those seasons. Easily the best run blocker in the league, and has improved his pass protection skills year after year as well. We have seen how good the Colts running backs have been since they drafted Nelson. The All-Pro guard has a good quarterback behind him this year, and I am curious to see how well Wentz flourishes with Nelson not only blocking for him, but calling out what he sees in front of him.

24.) George Kittle (San Francisco 49ers)

When George Kittle is healthy he is a top three tight end in the league easily. We have seen how good he is when he plays the majority of a season. He has been hit with the injury bug a bit in his career so far. Even with the inconsistencies of who the starting quarterback will be in San Fran, I love George Kittle in 2021. I am expecting a big season for Kittle if he is healthy. Expect a potential double digit receiving touchdown season from him if that is the case.

23.) Xavien Howard (Miami Dolphins)

Xavien Howard led the league in interceptions last season with 10. He has been one of the best corner backs in the league the last three seasons. When he is healthy he is a force to be reckoned with. Right now he is in a contract dispute with Miami, but it looks that both sides will get that contract done before the season starts. The Dolphins would dumb to not sign him. Howard will go up against all opposing teams number one receiver and will never back down from that challenge.

22.) Joey Bosa (Los Angeles Chargers)

We have seen how big of a threat Joey Bosa is when he is on the football season. In three of his first five seasons in the NFL he has eclipsed the 10+ sack total. He is a offensive tackles worst nightmare. Bosa just does what he needs to do in order to create an opening for himself to get the quarterback. I expect a healthy Bosa in 2021, and we will see his sack total over the 10+ mark yet again.

21.) Khalil Mack (Chicago Bears)

Lastly for this blog on my 2021 NFL Top 100 list is Kahlil Mack. Mack continues to be in the conversation for the best defensive player in the NFL. He was a beast in his time with the Raiders, and has continued to dominate with the Bears. Mack has been a Pro-Bowler in six out of his seven years in the league. When an opposing lineman matches up with Mack on the line, they instantly think about their life choices. Looking forward to seeing one of the best edge rushers to get back in the 10+ sack total again in 2021.

-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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