2021 Fantasy Football Advice; QB/WR Duos to Draft

Fantasy Football is right around the corner! As I mentioned in my last article one of my fantasy drafting strategies is to draft QB/WR Duos. So to help here is a list of a few QB/WR Duos to draft, because who does not like DOUBLE POINTS!

QB: Patrick Mahomes, WR: Tyreek Hill; Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes made a bad first impression on Tyreek Hill | The Kansas City Star

This duo may be hard to snag as both Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill will be high picks in any fantasy football draft. Mahomes should be the first QB off the board this coming season of fantasy football, he is projected to be gone by the 9th pick of the 2nd round, around the 20th selection. Next, ranked highly in the WR position we have Hill. Hill is projected to be off the board in the first 10 picks. If you want to gamble, make a risky move to try to secure this duo. This may only be doable if you are willing to sacrifice your first two picks. I can see this duo secured in a snake draft of a 10 man league.

The downside of this duo is it could leave you in a funk with the running back position. Elite RB’s are gone in round one. Many people also know having a high quality number one RB in round 3 is very unlikely. Also taking a QB too early is a gamble in itself. You can find decent QB’s still on the board in rounds 5 and 6. Is the Mahomes and Hill duo worth the risk?

QB: Ryan Tannehill, WR: Julio Jones; Tennessee Titans

Ryan Tannehill Has A 2-Word Message For Julio Jones

This is my interesting QB/WR duo to draft. Why? Ryan Tannehill is one of those lower risk QB’s to grab in those later rounds. He is looking to be a low end QB-1 which is the type of QB this strategy works with best. Julio Jones on the other hand this man is a consistent yardage machine for fantasy football. He does not get the Touchdowns often but he does get the receptions. In a PPR league this QB/WR duo is going to get you those little points that matter. It is not all about Touchdowns when it comes to fantasy football.

The Downside is these two have not played together ever and there is the factor of A.J Brown also being a WR target for Tannehill. However, it is shown Jones can still be productive alongside another consistent WR. From reports it also seems that Tannehill and Jones have already began building their chemistry. Chemistry both on the field is important for the QB/WR duo strategy to work. It will make it so Jones is a target more. This duo may not seem likely for points but watch consistency play a factor.

QB: Matt Ryan, WR: Calvin Ridley; Atlanta Falcons

Calvin Ridley is transforming into an elite receiver for the Atlanta Falcons

Yes I know the Falcons did not have a good season last year. But overall team seasons do not always weigh in for fantasy football. Lets start with Calvin Ridley. Even playing alongside Julio Jones this man has made waves in fantasy football. As I mentioned before Jones was not the TD producer, it was Ridley. This season Ridley does not have to compete with Jones, he is their WR 1. Expect his fantasy productivity to go up due to this. Both of these players values may not even cost you a first two round pick, which is the upside to this duo.

The downside here is Matt Ryan. He is not a name I would automatically pick as my starting QB for fantasy. However, he has been my QB 2 and when injuries happen or I do not want to go route of a backup has been a plug in. When this has happened he has shown to be consistent. If you are one of those people who does not draft a for sure QB 1 you can play around with this QB/WR duo.

QB: Dak Prescott, WR: Amari Cooper; Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys: Dak Prescott, Amari Cooper clicked in connection

This duo does have an established connection. The change of scenery has helped Cooper in his fantasy value, he use to be regarded as a flex player in my book. Now with the cowboys he is a WR 1, and his productivity in fantasy football backs this up. He has had over 1,000 yards the last two seasons. As for Dak, last season he was having the season of his career before he was injured. Now I am not saying he comes out and breaks records after injury but he can be a top 5-10 QB this season. Besides last season Prescott has been throwing the ball over 3,000 yards a season. In just his 5 games last season he was at 1,856 yards. Last season Prescott is what I have my money on if he stays healthy.

Downside here is what I just mentioned… if he stays healthy. Dak has already reported a shoulder strain in which he is slowly coming back from. But, they expect him to be ready for the season. Amari Cooper is also in the same boat regarding injury, he had off season ankle surgery. The timetable for him again is suppose to be ready when the season starts. Even with a healthy Cooper though he does have competition which could decrease his value in CeeDee Lamb. They shared the load last year, but will Lamb keep producing. Honestly, I would also consider taking Prescott and Lamb as a QB/WR duo to draft.

QB/WR Duos to Draft Summary

There are clearly other duos I did not highlight that might be worthwhile. Examples of these names are Rodgers/Adams on Green Bay Packers, Allen/Diggs on Buffalo Bills, Wilson/Metcalf on Seattle Seahawks, and Murray/Hopkins on the Cardinals. As you can see this strategy can be done in a number of ways. Now I am not saying you have to use this strategy there are other effective ways to play but… DOUBLE POINTS.

Be on the lookout for more fantasy football content from CouchGuySports as the fantasy football drafts and season begin!

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~Josie Averitt (JosieAve on Twitter)

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