The Boston Red Sox: Your 2018 World Series Champions!

I know the title the Sox just won is labeled the American League Championship Series, but that was a lie. It was really the World Series. That’s right, you read that correctly. The Red Sox are 2018 World Series Champions!

Okay, fine technically not yet but after 4 more games, they will be officially World Series Champions. The ALCS was a matchup between the two best teams in baseball and the Sox steamrolled the Astros to advance to the Fall Classic!

For those of you, that’ll just say “Oh you are biased because you are a Red Sox fan”. You’re God damn right I am! I will be honest though I would say that about the Astros as well if they ended up beating the Red Sox. I just flat-out don’t think the Dodgers or Brewers are as good as the Sox or Astros.

Both the Dodgers and Brewers have been putting a huge beating on each other and both bullpens are going to be shot come Tuesday night. That along with the fact of both team’s lineups are pretty weak minus two or three guys.

The Dodger do pose a bigger threat simply based on their pitching staff but with the way the Sox have been hitting against Houston, I don’t think we need to worry about that. Plus, Manny Machado is on their team now and that dude is a walking dirtball. Not to mention the cancer he has to be in the clubhouse!

Get the duckboats ready because there will be a parade taking place in a few weeks. Sox in 5 baby!

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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