David Price Gets His First Playoff Win And Chirps Alex Bregman Midgame

David Price won over a lot of Red Sox fans last night with his game five performance. The track record speaks for itself at this point. Up until last night as a starter in the postseason, he was 0-9. There were a couple of solid performances sprinkled in through those starts where his team just couldn’t get him the run support, but for the most part, especially during his time with the Red Sox, he had just been bad.

This guy had made my head want to explode during the postseason these past three seasons. I mean, he did it to me during the regular season too but during the postseason he was just a guy you couldn’t rely on. Well, unless it was out of the bullpen in 2017. But as a starter who’s paid north of $30M a season, he was excruciatingly painful to watch.

And honestly, the people who acted like they weren’t sick of him at points are straight up lying. It was three years of mediocrity and postseason failure. He’d go on stretches where he was one of the best in the game, but then fall apart come playoffs and even sometimes in the regular season.

Last night he finally got that monkey off of his back. He finally grabbed that first postseason win and it was a hell of a performance. There was nothing cheap about it. I would have accepted a three-run performance. Sure, at that point you did your job. But he took one of the hottest offenses in baseball this season and shut them down. The cockiest team in the game entering the postseason came to play the Sox and old, regular season David Price came out to play too.

He was painting the corners, hitting his targets and even got his fastball up to 96 MPH. He used his changeup a majority of the time compared to his other pitches and it was virtually unhittable for the Astros. He kept them guessing the entire night, held them to three hits and one run over six innings, striking out nine. Like I said, it wasn’t a cheap way to grab his first win. He won that game himself and look at that, now he gets a shot to pitch in the World Series with the Boston Red Sox. He said it when he first got here and a couple of times this season, he came here to win championships. Let’s do it, Price.

And him chirping Bregman last night was incredible. The guy is rolling and cocky and that’s the mentality you need in the postseason. I’m not sure at what point he said it but he yells out at Bregman, “Post that!” obviously referring back to his Instagram story where he, Springer and Altuve took last night’s relief pitcher, Nathan Eovaldi, deep for back to back to back home runs.

This team is an absolute wagon right now. The chemistry is to the moon and the talent is some of if not the best in the game. Even when you have guys not doing what they typically do, you have others stepping up huge. This team, man. They’re winning the World Series.

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-Nick Quaglia (@Nick Quag)

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