“You’re Fired” Small State Big Drama

For those of you who don’t know about Small State Big Takes (SSBT), you’re way behind on the times. It’s a highly entertaining podcast made by Oliver Martel who then asked his group of friends; Steve Scott, Josh Martin and Mike Gilligan to join. I myself have participated on the podcast from time to time to impart my sports and life wisdom through their channel. “Gilli” as you may know him by, currently writes for Couch Guy Sports just like I do

All four members and myself included hail from the small state of Rhode Island, and in conjunction with talking about sports, entertainment and other things have usually wild and pretty big takes.

The podcast has gone through many dramatic twists and turns, from one on one basketball games to video game tournaments to clashing with other podcasts and Terry Cushman.

But the podcast right now faces it’s most dramatic event, in that it’s creator, Oliver Martel, has been fired, by Steve Scott. It may be the first time ever in capitalistic America that an employee has effectively fired his boss which makes this a historic event that needs to be covered.

Let’s break down what is happened at SSBT, which by the way you can find their episodes literally wherever podcasts are found, which is Apple podcasts and Spotify. Be sure to give them a listen and a review.

Where it all began

Honestly this is hard to know where it all truly began between Steve and Oliver. They are good friends who seem to constantly be at each other’s throats, but yet get along. It’s like the theory that Tom and Jerry are actually secret friends. I mean, Steve was a groomsman at Oliver’s wedding which makes this beef all the more bizarre.

Steve was also a groomsman at Oliver’s wedding which makes this beef all the more bizarre. These two go back and forth all the time on who is the “real host” of the podcast.

But this drama and beef truly started just a few nights ago. Steve was getting ready to help promote Small State Big Takes on a friendly jeopardy style game with another local podcast, Crossing State Lines. This game was to be aired on Youtube Live. According to sources, Steve reached out to Oliver asking for help to set up the live stream since Steve’s day job is a plumber, not a social media influencer. But Oliver refused to help, or ignored to help, even though it was to help give his brand and podcast exposure.

In fact I reached out to Steve for comment and he confirmed that was the real issue.

“If Oliver had helped me live stream the jeopardy game instead of playing smite and ignoring my text for 45 crucial minutes before we went live then none of this would’ve happened” – Steve Scott

The Firing

For all we can tell the actual “firing” of Oliver happened off twitter. Probably in the podcast’s group text chat. But it’s still none the less important.

I’m not sure what Oliver was exactly fired for? His unwillingness to help Steve with his live stream I guess. We have all ignored that one co-worker’s plea for help, though it has never landed me, personally, in the unemployment line like it apparently has Oliver.

What is extraordinary here to me is that Oliver seemingly is just letting it happen. It was his own podcast that he created! This is like Bill Belichick telling Robert Kraft to take a hike and Kraft doing just that! I will repeat this is the first time I have ever seen an employee fire a boss. It’s just totally unprecedented and yet not surprising for what the year 2020 has become.

Oliver is Done

After apparently being fired by his own employee, Oliver has claimed that he is done with the Small State Big Takes podcast.

I even did my job as a semi-journalist and reached out to Oliver for a comment about all of this and he requested that this gif be his official statement on the matter.

Oliver Martel’s official statement about being fired from SSBT

It seems like Oliver is truly done and “over” with the podcast as Vince-sanity is saying. Now if you went to the podcast’s twitter account, it still says that Oliver is still a contributor to the program. But if we switch things to Oliver’s own personal account he has removed the part about being with SSBT, minus the website link but still, it seems as though Oliver for now is truly done with his own podcast.

The spin here could also be that Oliver is burned out with the podcast game and the drama that comes with it. He was Urban Meyer at Florida already seemingly looking for a way out and Steve gave him one rather than having to fake a medical condition.

Steve’s Prodding

During this entire drama, Steve has claimed that the firing and everything he has done has been in jest. I’ll admit it, we men are sometimes weird in how we show our friendship. I mean just look at how Michael Jordan basically talked to Larry Bird after defeating his Pacers in Game 7.

Steve hasn’t stopped with the firing of Oliver. He has kept poking and prodding Oliver about how he is taking over the show.

But no tweet, meme or disturbing Steve/Call Her Daddy photoshop was as impactful as this one…

That’s former big league pitcher with the Red Sox and Twins, Pat Light. Now to provide context, he is saying this through the app cameo, where individuals can pay celebrities to have them say whatever they tell them.

But still to have him say that the podcast is better when Oliver doesn’t speak, and that he is a “wimp.” That is tough to come back from. Again, sources close to me say that this was a $15 transaction and possibly a tip of something up to $5.

I mean I can understand tweeting insults at your friend, we all do that. But to pay a celebrity to insult your frenemy? That’s next level beef.

However the silver lining out of this is if Oliver is truly finished, perhaps Pat Light will take over his place on SSBT?

Shoutout to Couch Guy Sports’ own and Legends Lingo Podcast host Al Nahigian for promoting that idea to Light.

How does this end?

It’s a good question with no simple answer right now. It seems like neither side wants to bend, let alone break. Steve seems intent to keep piling this on Oliver. And Oliver seems intent on sticking to his pride and saying he is done with the podcast that he himself created!

People think that the Call Her Daddy beef is interesting, which sure for how popular they are it’s pretty crazy but this I believe tops it.

Small State Big Takes records episodes on Monday nights and releases them on Tuesdays, I suppose we will get an idea then on what the future of this podcast holds. Is Oliver truly done? I’m sure it is the utmost pressing question on everybody’s mind heading into the weekend.


Connor Ryan (@connoryan68)


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