Your Fantasy Episode 5: Daniel Jones Sucks, Josh Allen Rocks | Top Pick Injuries

After a one week technical mix up where we had recorded a show but it didn’t save your boys are back at it again.

Two weeks of fantasy football in the books, at this point some of us are finding out that our teams are either awesome or trash. And some after this weekends rash of injuries are realizing that they are now indeed trash.

Whether you are flying high or down in the dumps we got the fantasy football content you need this week.

Connor Was Wrong-O

It’s just the second week of the damn season and Connor has already thrown in the towel on one of his pre-season predictions. Which one of his takes that you stupidly went along with was he wrong about?

Overreactions From Two Weeks of Football

The NFL is a reactionary league, with only one game a week it’s hard not to be. And with two weeks of games under our belt, the overreactions become that much more over the top.

Buy or Selling Breakouts and Replacements

Some players have looked damn good in the first two weeks of the NFL season but is it for real? We break it down for you whether we are buying the production or telling you not to waste the roster spot.

And for those of you who lost guys like Christian McCaffrey, Saquon Barkley and Michael Thomas our thoughts and prayers are with you. But also, we tell you who can replace those guys.

Two Dudes, Fake Balls LIVE

We’ve gotten some great reactions from people with roster and lineup questions on Sunday’s. So much so that we figured why tweet back our response when you can ask us live and we will answer the question for you right there in real time!

Sunday on the Couch Guy Sports Youtube and Facebook pages we will be fielding your lineup questions, once again LIVE. So come ready, come prepared and hit us with your best shot.

We will  be tweeting what time we are going live so stay tuned.

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