Your Fantasy Episode 4: How Do You Miss a Fantasy Draft?

Punishment For Missing a Draft?

This is almost unbelievable, one of our co-hosts missed a fantasy draft? A guy who co-hosts a show, about fantasy football, missed a fantasy draft? Yeah it happened, while Connor was out exploring the Colorado wilderness, feeling like Arthur Morgan, there was a fantasy draft going on. He forgot about the draft so much that he forgot to set his keepers and lost Alvin Kamara.

But we fire back with the idea of is that fair? Should that become the fantasy industry standard punishment? If you miss the draft and get put on auto should it be the standard punishment that you don’t get to keep anyone?

Pre-Season Awards

We hand out some hardware ahead of the Fantasy Football season. The season starts tonight, everybody has already drafted, there isn’t much more we can help you with on that end. So we hand out some awards like Fantasy MVP, Player on the most Championship Teams, Sucka of the Year (You know we had to do it), Rookie of the Year, Guy We Will Probably Be Wrong About.

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