You Don’t Make an MVP with 10 Seconds

First off, Congratulations to the NBA Champion LA Lakers!

You bested the other teams within the bubble and fought thru it all and won. And of course, your Finals MVP: Lebron James. But what made him MVP? His stats? Or his manner to his team and the game? Lets take a look shall we?

For Starters

To start out, the manner in which Anthony Davis carried himself within the Lakers was phenomenal! Poised, game driven, and mixing it up with defense and offense he brought a lot of power and form to the Lakers. Even with the Pandemic going on, and adapting to bubble life, AD did not disappoint.  Yet according to the masses, putting up his stats, with defense included was not enough to merit a Finals MVP. Why not? LeBron James.


You are giving an MVP to LeBron James. Isn’t he the player in game 3 that walked off the court with :10 left in the game? Thats a VALUABLE player? Last i checked, the MVP nod was for all around play. Not just flashy numbers and stats.  It does not belong on a flopping 10 second child that couldn’t wait for the game to finish just because “was agitated”. Yeah LeBron, Jimmy Butler got the best of you, and you know it. You trash talked SOO much that when 4th quarter Butler came around, he gave it right back! And what did you do? Disrespected the NBA, the Lakers, and team, along with yourself walking off the court like that.

And is it the first time you did it? NOPE! How about when playing for the Cavs when you walked off the court and sat down? All because you called for the ball and Dante Cunningham made a bad pass. Any pep talk? Words of encouragement? Nope! Just went to the bench, subbed yourself out, without the refs go ahead, caused a technical foul on the team, and caused a stir.  But this is a MVP right here.

The LeBron Garbage

How about trying to pull the same garbage stunts you pulled against your teammate Rajon Rondo in 2012, where you whined about the fouls in Game 4. Similar to your walk out comments, yet not as brief, you declared “I don’t foul out. If I’m going to foul out, that 6th foul, I wish I would have earned it and it had actually been a foul on me. Yep, it’s very difficult because I know how to play the game of basketball and I don’t need an advantage holding somebody or pushing somebody down, but whatever, we lost.”  Those are the comments of a sore sport.

Similar to his one word comment when asked about his Game 3 walk off. He was asked if he thought the game was over or if he was frustrated. his comment? “Both” BOTH!? There’s 10 seconds left! The game isn’t over! thats just about as bad as J.R. Smith’s bad mistake in Game 1 against the Warriors in 2018. My vote is on LeBron!

Seriously though NBA.  Your ratings sagged to the lowest they have ever been with the Lakers in the Finals with LeBron. Yet he flopped and whined his way to a championship with yet another A-lister teammate the Lakers just had to go out and get, and dump the guys you just drafted over the course of the past 2 years. As a result, it won the Lakers their 17th NBA championship, tying them with the Boston Celtics for most overall. But it’s pandemic ball.

Final Thoughts

Let it be known to LeBron and company….hope you bring your A game for a whole season. And I know LeBron wants to recruit more, and get that 5th championship, but I’ll be honest. Jordan and Kobe did it with their clubs respectfully, and built around what they had. They didn’t super-size it with buff players. This isn’t NBA 2k21.

You wanna win MVP awards, and be ruled better than MJ and Kobe?  You got to act the part! Yeah, you get high fives and praise for scholarships and donations and fundraisers all around. Yet on the court, it doesn’t buy you MVP!

-Toph (@angry_turnip80)

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