Yes, the CFP Committee got it right and so did I

DAMN I LOVE IT WHEN I’M RIGHT. Back in the early fall I predicted a few things. There were 2 things at the time that none of the major media outlets were predicting but I did. Therefore I am the greatest sports person in the history of the world. I predicted that Oklahoma would make the playoffs and I predicted that Baker Mayfield would win the Heisman trophy. Well so far Oklahoma made the playoffs and Baker Mayfield is the favorite to win the Heisman. Therefore you must all bow down to my knowledge of college football. Ok, I’ll stop talking to myself now. Lets take a closer look as to how each team made it into the playoff.


1. Clemson

This was no surprise to anyone. Clemson dominated the ACC all year. Their defense is legit and they are the defending champs. A rematch against Alabama is going to be a really good game. A lot of people are picking Alabama but I am still in wait and think mode for this game. Clemson played great against them last year but I am sure Saban has a plan for this team. They definitely have been a top team all year long especially after destroying Miami.

2. Oklahoma

I am so stoked that Oklahoma made it into the playoffs but not because I predicted it but because I am in love with Baker Mayfield. I think the guy is a stud and is carrying this team. They played really well this year and that is really all due to the play of Baker Mayfield. I am definitely looking forward to their matchup vs Georgia. I think your going to see the best offense in the country going against one of the top defenses in the nation. I’ll tell you from now that I am already picking Oklahoma to win this one.

3. Georgia

Now while Georgia did deserve to make the playoffs I am not too entertained by them. They have a really good defense but their offense is so one dimensional its sad. If they can’t run the ball then they get into big trouble. The thing with them playing Oklahoma is that if Baker Mayfield can figure out their defense and tears it up, Georgia will not win in a shootout game with Oklahoma. Thats going to be the key for them if they want to win this game. They have to keep it a low scoring game.


4. Alabama

This was the most interesting year for the college football playoff. The number 4 team was debated all morning long last Sunday and it came down to Alabama sneaking into the playoffs. This was the right choice by the committee and I’ll tell you why. They are just flat out the better team then Ohio State. Hats off to Ohio State to winning the BIG 10 but they just haven’t been as dominant and haven’t had that swag that they used to. The big thing for them was that they got blown out against Iowa. That really hurt their case. In Alabama’s case they were ranked #1 for the majority of the year and they lost a close game to their rival. If Ohio State had beaten Iowa and lost a close game to Michigan then they would have most likely got into the playoffs. Now I hate to say it but Alabama is going to be fired up and ready to go in their game against Clemson. I am looking forward to watching this one.


LETS GOOOOOOO. For those of you that don’t know A&M hired Jimbo Fisher away from Florida State last week which is a HUGE move for the football program. He is definitely one of the top 5 coaches in the country. A&M WILL WIN A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP IN THE NEXT 2-4 YEARS. You heard it here first ladies and gents. GIG EM!!

Written By: Nick Katinas (@nkatinas22)

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