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The Disaster Artist is the new biographical comedy-drama and potential Oscar contending film. The film is about the making of 2003’s The Room which is widely considered the worst movie ever made. It stars James Franco as Tommy Wiseau, who was the writer, director, and star of The Room. Like Wiseau, Franco serves as the writer, director, and star of this movie. The film also stars Dave Franco, Seth Rogan, Alison Brie, and Josh Hutcherson. The concept of this movie is fascinating so let’s review The Disaster Artist.

So going into this, I have to admit that I have not seen The Room. I have seen clips of it on the internet but never the whole film. But from those clips I watched online, I understand why this could be the worst movie ever. I was intrigued about how this film was made and thus we have The Disaster Artist. So let me get this out of the way, I loved The Disaster Artist. Not only is the film funny, but it’s actually very inspirational. It starts out with Tommy Wiseau (James Franco) and Greg Sestero (Dave Franco) meeting in San Francisco and them trying to achieve their dream and become Hollywood stars. But they fail and decide to make their own movie; aka The Room.

While I like the supporting cast in this movie, its all about the Franco brothers. Dave is great as Greg Sestero as he’s an up and coming actor who has troubles with his nerves. He goes on a great journey in the film as he struggles with defending his friend and saving his acting career. But this film starts and ends with James as the infamous Tommy Wiseau. Franco is perfect as Wiseau and you sympathies with him as he tries to prove Hollywood wrong and become a Hollywood star. Franco is a weird dude himself so I think he truely understood the mind of Tommy Wiseau. What I love most about Franco’s performance is that it never reaches the point of parody with Tommy and it could have easily reached that point. Tommy is kind, sad, weird, and an asshole in this movie and you buy it all.

In conclusion, The Disaster Artist is a great movie and I highly recommend that people go out and see this. It’s an inspirational story about trying to accomplish your dream; no matter how bad it gets. James Franco is great as the infamous Tommy Wiseau and I really do think he’ll be in the running for best actor at the Oscars this year. Also if you’re interested in learning about The Room, here are some clips from the movie. YOU ARE TEARING ME APART LISA!

Rating: A/96%

Written By: Steven Santoro (SVS_1993)

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