Yellow Card Podcast Episode 50

Hello and welcome back to the landmark 50th episode of the Yellow Card Podcast! As always, this episode is brought to you by Couch Guy Sports and sponsored by Exogun. Most league action is currently on pause for an international break. However, that does not mean that there is any shortage of topics to cover this week. Without further ado, that brings us to the topics for today’s episode.




We began episode 50 by taking a look at the conclusion of the summer transfer window. We took a look at how much each Premier League team spent over the summer, and discussed which teams jumped out at us. Teams like Arsenal and Manchester United led the way, while Everton brought up the rear.


Next up, Diego talked about Cristiano Ronaldo being given the number seven at Manchester United. We all agreed that it was the right call for Ronaldo to wear the same number he did during his last stint with the club.


After that, the crew got into the World Cup Qualifying action taking place across the globe. Chris, Andrew and Diego talked about games they’ve watched this week and who stood out. Different confederations are at different stages of the qualifying process, so some teams have a lot more pressure to pick up points at this stage.


To finish things off, we turned our attention to the return of the Premier League next weekend. Each of us picked out a game that excited to watch, and explained our reasoning behind the selections.


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~The Yellow Card Podcast (@PodcastCard on Twitter)

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