Yasiel Puig’s Los Angeles Home Was Robbed and the Surveillance Video Is Wild

Dodgers’ star, Yasiel Puig, had his home robbed recently and the Los Angeles PD released the surveillance video.

Nothing gets the old heart racing like some good ol’ crime. I know nothing insane is going on in this video, but just watching guys break into someone else’s house with that person having no clue is nuts to me. I mean sure, I know this is usually how crime works, but seeing it unfold is a whole other animal.

Whenever you see pictures of a house that was just robbed you just see crap everywhere. Okay, I’m no criminal, but why not just get in and get it while keeping it relatively clean? Someone comes home, doesn’t notice anything because the place looks normal, and maybe they go a little while without realizing that you robbed them. I’m not saying I will but if I have to teach a “Robbing People Blind 101” course I’ll at least listen to the proposal.

I’ve recently come around on the Puig train too. I used to think the guy was obnoxious and I hated the attitude. But then I remembered that I’m not a crotchety old man who wants to watch baseball stay borning while I watch it die. Team Puig, we need to get together and create a search party. I’m talking all 50 states. We need to get Puig’s stuff back ASAP so this guy can keep his eye on the World Series prize.

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-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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