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A big reason why the Buffalo Bills were one of the best teams in the league this year, the addition of star wide receiver Stefon Diggs. In this article, I will give you a brief recap on what he did during his first year in Buffalo.

The trade

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Let’s talk about how the trade went down. In March, a trade between the Buffalo Bills and the Minnesota Vikings took place. For Buffalo, they acquired Diggs and a 7th round pick (2020) from Minnesota and in exchange, the Vikings got a first round pick (2020), 5th round pick (2020), 6th round pick (2020) and a 4th round pick (2021). Yes, Buffalo did give up a lot to get Diggs. If you ask me, it was totally worth it. It was a win-win for both teams. The Bills got a proven number one wide receiver and the Vikings got a stud rookie wide receiver in Justin Jefferson.

After the trade went down, there was a lot of hate on Buffalo. At the end of his time in Minnesota, Diggs was labeled as a “diva” from fans and the media. When the trade happened, a lot of fans, mostly Minnesota fans, told Bills fans that, “Diggs is going to want out by Week 6” or “wait until Allen overthrows him.” They were wrong. Once the trade was announced, it was safe to say Allen was thrilled about the deal.

In response to the tweet, Diggs was ready to be a Bill.

Helping Josh Allen

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I know this article is about Diggs but the biggest reason why the Bills traded for him was to help the development of quarterback Josh Allen. If Allen wanted to prove that he was the franchise quarterback, he needed to have a great season. With the addition of Diggs, Allen went from an average quarterback to one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Out of all of the things I will talk about in this article, this is the number one reason why the Bills got Diggs.

Opening things up for other wide receivers

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The acquisition of Diggs opened up the Bills offense. Buffalo already had John Brown and Cole Beasley, they also drafted Gabriel Davis. To be an elite offense in this league, you need to have dangerous players. Diggs would allow Beasley, Brown and Davis to get involved. While helping Allen succeed, each wide receiver contributed this season and it really helped Buffalo’s offense become one of the most lethal offense’s in the league.

A career year

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Not only did the trade help the Bills, but Diggs had the best year of his career. According to Pro Football Reference, Diggs caught 127 passes for 1,535 yards and got eight touchdowns. Those numbers are exactly what the Bills and Bills fans expected when the trade happened. They needed that star receiver who can make big time plays and help his quarterback, and that’s what he did. To see what Diggs did during his first year with the Bills, check out his highlights below.

Final thoughts

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The Bills gave up a lot to get Diggs but it was totally worth it. Diggs was a huge reason why Buffalo won 13 games this year and hopefully in the near future, a Super Bowl title. It was a great season and I cannot wait to see what happens next season.

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