WWE’s Mixed Match Challenge teams changing due to injuries

WWE has brought back the Mixed Match Challenge this year, featuring dream intergender tag teams such as AJ Styles and Charlotte Flair, R-Truth and Carmella, and former NXT favorites: Finn Balor and Bayley. Plenty of last year’s pair-ups are returning as well, such as real-life couples Rusev and Lana, Jimmy Uso and Naomi, and last years winner’s: Miz and Asuka.

Unfortunately, the arguably favorite of last year’s MMC: Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss, has been thwarted by injury per this report from the Wrestling Observer:

“Bliss is suffering from numbness in her left arm. The storyline reason behind it is the armbar Rousey used to beat her at Hell in a Cell. She was also replaced by Moon in her tag team with Strowman for Mixed Match Challenge. Right now the only word is that she is cleared for minimal exertion, so will be able to do some things. Unless things change, she won’t be wrestling this coming weekend but minimal exertion means that it is possible she could manage on shows. I believe she’s been actually pulled through.”

Any kind of physical numbness should be taken seriously and treated immediately. So while unfortunate, I’m happy they’ve switched her out with Ember Moon as early as possible.

Even more unfortunate, today we learned that the team of Bobby Lashley and Sasha Banks has been altered as well for the same reason. WWE announced via Twitter today that Sasha Banks will be replaced by Mickie James due to an undisclosed injury.

It’s always a bummer when you hear of superstars facing injury, but this was a chance for these 2 to have a lot of pure joy in the ring. The Mixed Match Challenge lets the superstars have so much more fun in the ring with each other as it’s not storyline based, nor is it as micromanaged since it’s not relevant to the main product on TV. Hopefully, these two very important stars in the RAW women’s division make their way back soon.

You can catch the Mixed Match Challenge on Facebook, live on every Tuesday night at 7.

Braden Jackson – @Dembrae

Image provided by WWE.com

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