WWE superstars driving through Tokyo in go-karts dressed as Mario characters

There’s no doubt the WWE travel schedule is a brutal endeavor. Some superstars are scheduled to be in 3 different countries a week, sometimes even several continents in the same time span. However, a few times a year, that grueling travel plan takes superstars all across the world, to unique and wondrous locations.

This week marks one of those weeks, as some WWE superstars find themselves in Tokyo, Japan.

Xavier Woods of the New Day trio uploaded a handful of videos to Instagram and Twitter of himself, fellow New Day member: Kofi Kingston, Irish “Lass-kicker” Becky Lynch, Luke Harper of the Bludgeon Brothers, and Aiden English of Rusev Day, about to take off through the streets of Tokyo in their red go-karts.

Xavier is seen dressed as Wario (only because they didn’t have Waluigi, he includes), Kofi dressed as Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z, Becky dressed as a chipmunk, and Luke and Aiden dressed as Mario and Luigi, respectively. Why Kofi is in Dragon Ball Z wear when they’re playing out a real-life Mario Kart fantasy is beyond me, but it’s still cool as fuck, so I won’t question it.

It’s so cool to see the guys have time for fun like this when traveling across the planet. Xavier says in the video “this is the best, this might be the best day… ever!” Their schedule may be brutal, but stuff like this appears to make it all worth it.

Check out how stoked they all are below.




Braden Jackson – @Dembrae

Image provided by Xavier Woods official Twitter – @XavierWoodsPhD

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