HELL YES: Team Hell No Hugs It Out on Smackdown

This week on Smackdown, the happiest accident in modern tag team history hugged it out once more. Daniel Bryan and Kane wrestled as Team Hell No in 2012 and 2013, even holding the tag titles together until their differences got the best of them. Maybe even more memorable than they matches against an early Shield are their anger management classes with their therapist, Dr. Shelby.

After a DQ in the main event, the Bludgeon Brothers assaulted Daniel Bryan, as often happens in a two-on-one situation. Then, after several months of inactivity, Knox County Mayoral Candidate Kane came out for the save.

The finale of this reunion was, of course, a signature Team Hell No hug.

As excited as I was (and am) about the possibilities of a Daniel Bryan singles run, more Hell No almost has me more excited. They are, in essence, the middle of the Venn diagram of what makes wrestling great: good matches and great character. They’re fun. Team Hell No, while still being skilled wrestlers in their own right, are fun, which gets easily underestimated in fan booking.

Honestly, if Bryan isn’t getting the title soon, another tag run is the perfect thing to keep him occupied. And people will still complain about “wasting” him in the tag division, but the fact that the team is so beloved should mitigate that. I’d love a title run, even if it’s brief. Let them lose by a hair at Extreme Rules, win at Summerslam, and hold through late 2018 and see what happens.

The only possible reaction to the return of Hell No is a resounding Hell Yes.

(Even if we don’t get Dr. Shelby.)

(But I sure as hell hope we do, maybe just once.)

-Bobby Murphy (@RobertJMurph)

Image courtesy WWE

Gif captured by Reddit user u/FuzzyWuzzyMooMoo

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