Would You be Surprise if the Celtics Lose a Winnable Game Against the Lakers?

Every time you think the Boston Celtics have turned the corner, they find a way to disappoint you. The Celtics are currently 2-0 on their west coast road trip with a very impressive win Tuesday night in Golden State. This team is really fun to watch when they work together, move the ball, and appreciate one another’s success. When they are losing, it’s very miserable and the question “is Kyrie leaving,” becomes the topic on every sports station.

However, this road trip could have actually been the answer for this team. The Celtics travel into the Staple Centers on Saturday night to take on the very dysfunctional Los Angeles Lakers team. They are clearly the better team and have no reason to lose this game. However, we have seen all season long where this team has had winnable games and absolutely blow it. Kyrie Irving is expected to play Saturday night so this team shouldn’t have an issue taking care of business.

However, would you be surprise if they did it again? You just don’t know what team will show up from a night to night bases. However, I would be surprised if they blow this game. The Lakers stink, plain and simple. The last two games they have played against the Clippers and the Nuggets, might have been the worst basketball I’ve seen a team play. LeBron looks miserable, Rondo not sitting with the team, and Luke Walton counting down the days until he’s fired.
There is no excuse to lose this game. I’ll be furious if this team goes out there Saturday night and lays an egg. They might not have the best player in the game that night but they have the better roster of the two. They need to come out fast because once you start out strong against LA, they’ll quit and most importantly, LeBron won’t have the desire to play. The Celtics need to finish this road trip undefeated (4-0) for every fan to believe that this team has turned the corner and are ready to make a strong playoff push.

Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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