The Patriots May Have Another Set of Brothers on Their Hands


The Patriots swung a pretty big trade today, landing three time Pro-Bowl defensive end Michael Bennett. The terms of the deal are in the tweet I put above, and honestly, this is kind of a steal for the Pats. Here are his contract details:

$13.5M over the next two seasons is not bad AT ALL for a guy who recorded 9 sacks and 30 QB pressures last season for the Eagles.

So why would the Pats trade for such a solid pass rusher? There are obvious reasons, as Trey Flowers is expected to command a ton of money in free agency. Things also weren’t so hot for DE Adrian Clayborn this past season, who was the Patriots big free agency signing last off-season. This move could wind up being a Flowers or a Clayborn replacement if they decide to not bring those guys back. However you look at it, the Patriots have insurance on their DL, which is a win in my eyes.

The best part of this trade is the potential signing that might come with it. Former Patriots TE Martellus Bennett, brother of Michael Bennett, is reportedly considering coming out of retirement to play alongside his brother:

Marty B was a fan favorite in New England, and he made it well-known that he loved playing here too. He even sent out this tweet after the deal was announced:

He also posted this video not too long ago:

The Bennett brothers would join both the McCourty brothers and the Hollister brothers as the third pairing of bros on the Patriots roster. I really wouldn’t be surprised if Marty came out of retirement, and I’m all for it. He might need to stop smoking weed though:


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