Winners And Losers Matchday 23

Matchday 23 is in the books and we are getting into the territory of who will contend in the top four of the table. This EPL season has been a treat this season. We are fifteen matchdays away from seeing where every team will finish in the table. A lot of teams are looking to adjust after the transfer window in a positive way. With that being said here are my winners and losers from Matchday 23.



Manchester City 

In my opinion Manchester City basically clinched the EPL title on Sunday with their big victory over Liverpool. City have been the best team in all of England the entire year and we saw how good they actually were on Sunday. They have the best goal differential and have given up the fewest goals in the EPL as well. Manchester City hasn’t lost a game since November.

This team is five points up on the number two team in the table and they have a game in hand on them as well. City also got lucky with two of their goals due to the blunder from Allison, but they capitalized on them like every good team does. Manchester City though is my big winner of the matchday as they basically clinched their third EPL title in the last four seasons.


Thomas Tuchel 

Tuchel has been the Chelsea head coach for three games now and Chelsea is playing to the level that we expected them to play this entire year. Chelsea currently finds themselves in the five spot in the table after Matchday 23. The 3-4-2-1 formation that Tuchel has Chelsea playing is the formation that they needed to take the big step forward.

They did play a bottom of the table Sheffield United team on Matchday 23, but you have to look at how this team is playing as a whole. This team is now slowly starting becoming the top of the table team that many thought they would be. Chelsea has been playing well and will look to keep up form with Tuchel. Look to hear more about Chelsea in the up and coming weeks as Thomas Tuchel is a winner in my books for Matchday 23.


Carlo Ancelotti

I don’t know exactly what Carlo Ancelotti said to Everton at halftime of their game with Manchester United, but it really worked. Everton was trailing 2-0 at the end of the first half and right out of the gates, Everton came out flying on all cylinders. They made Manchester United look like a shell of themselves and got the equalizer in the fifth and final minute of stoppage time.

Everton went from getting no points to getting the draw and grabbing a point. With them getting a point they are continuing to stay a float in the top ten portion of the table. They really needed a point here and watch out for Everton, because with Ancelotti at the realm anything is possible.




Liverpool got absolutely annihilated in the second half of their 4-1 defeat to Manchester City. This team made a couple substitutions that did not work out at the end of it all. Klopp brought in Milner and Shaqiri and all hell broke out after that. Liverpool was starting to build some momentum and the second that they came in the wheels fell right off.

Allison Becker was atrocious in the second half, as he was the sole reasons for goals number two and three. He failed to be able to clear the ball out and Manchester City took advantage of it. Liverpool is now ten points behind Manchester City and their hopes of repeating are currently slipping further and further away. Liverpool is my big loser from the Matchday.


-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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