Will The Super Team Kill The NBA?

Tonight, the Brooklyn Nets destroyed the Milwaukee Bucks 125-86 in a blow out game 2 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals.  Immediately after the blow out Nets’ win, a lot of fans on Twitter started questioning if this is a sign to come for the remainder of the playoffs.

The Nets won by 39 without James Harden… The Brooklyn Nets won a game 2 playoff game by 39 without their best player… Let that sink in.  Is this something to come for the rest of the playoffs?  Who knows.  Deep down I don’t think so but I am not sure if the Nets will lose again in the East.  The Bucks look horrible, the 76ers are no one without a healthy Embiid, and the Hawks just aren’t strong enough to win.  But I will say the Hawks do post the biggest threat to challenging the Nets in the East.

But who in the West can actually beat this team?  Phoenix and Utah, maybe?  I don’t think Denver or the Clippers can.  Maybe the Clippers could take a game but Paul George blows and the Nets just have too many weapons.  Which brings me to the point of where the NBA is today.  An absolute mess.

I have said this in previous blogs that the NBA is not the sport of basketball.  College basketball is real basketball.  The NBA is a money printing machine that benefits off the drama of it’s stars.  This proves my point when star players demand trades to form super teams.  LeBron James is too blame for this with the Heat.  Kevin Durant should be embarrassed for joining Golden State.  James Harden shouldn’t have been traded… I can go on but you get it.  I understand that it is a player driven league but at what point does the product just get old?  At what point do fans say, “this sucks and I am tired of the same 4 teams being great.”  It is coming really, really soon and I think if the Nets win this year we will see more of this hit major media outlets.  I think Adam Silver has a legit problem brewing with super teams and he needs to find an answer to it.  If not, the NBA will lose a lot from it and the game of basketball will be affected for years to come.

John (uncle_mac4)

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