Will Lamar Jackson be a Large Problem to the Patriots Defense?

As the New England Patriots go into Baltimore Sunday night, they will be facing the best quarterback they have seen all year. Lamar Jackson has shown teams throughout the year that he is a nightmare and can take over a ball game.

The Patriots defense is ranked number one in the league and has dominated every single quarterback they have faced this year. Lamar Jackson, however, is a special quarterback. He is, debatably, the best running quarterback this league has ever seen.

The Patriots are known for one thing when they face a team week in and week out. Stop your best ability player. In this case, it is the ability of Lamar Jackson running around and making players miss.

The Patriots are going to game plan against Lamar’s running ability and making sure he isn’t going to pick up yards in big chunks. They’ll have a guy, like Jamie Collins or Ja’Whaun Bentley, containing him so he can’t make those big explosive plays.

I feel it will come down to Lamar Jackson vs. the New Patriots defense. I expect Brady and the New England offense to put up at least twenty-something points. The defense has been the commander and chief all season long. Let Lamar beat you with his passing game and not with his legs. If the Patriots do that, I see another win for this Patriots as they head into the bye week.

Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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