Will James Harden Be Traded?

Yesterday Shams reported that Rockets guard, Russell Westbrook, wants out of Houston after just one year of playing for them.

Honestly, I kind of saw this coming after how disappointing they were last year and the massive off-season they have had so far.  Once they fired Morey, I knew they were going to start a rebuild.  I fully expect Westbrook to be traded before the start of the season, but for who/what?

But, the big thing with Westbrook wanting out, will James Harden also want out?  I know Harden is saying all the right things like, “He’s happy to be a Rocket” and “He’s committed to this franchise.”  He’s saying all the right things an owner says before they fire a coach or trade a star player.  But will the Rockets actually trade Harden and really start this rebuild process.

I honestly can’t think of Harden without thinking about the Rockets.  Like he’s a top 5 player in the league and the Rockets and him were must watch TV and they still are.  But I think Harden’s time has come in Houston.  The Morey-Ball way of basketball that he tried to build just didn’t work in the postseason.  It was unbelievable during the regular season but when it came down to a 7 game series, they just couldn’t beat other great teams.  Morey was too stubborn to realize his way of “winning” didn’t work the second he traded Chris Paul for Westbrook, and I think the Rockets as an organization can see this now.

Which is why Westbrook “wants out”.  We all know that him and the Rockets owner had a talk saying they were rebuilding. Westbrook probably having a trade clause was forced to break it.  I am going to expect the same for Harden in the coming weeks.  This is unfortunate but it is the only way the Rockets can truly rebuild.

Possible Harden Landing Spots?

So, if Harden is traded where does he go?  I just don’t know.  This would be a mega shift in the NBA if a former MVP was dealt to another team who has a shot at winning it all.  I have seen Twitter say Miami, Philly, Brooklyn, or Milwaukee.  Honestly, not even sure the money can work for any of these teams but I think the best suitors here would be Miami and Philly.

Let’s face it, Miami is probably going to get Giannis or if this is true then Harden.  They have the pieces to make a big trade and if both of these teams lose their star player then a rebuild is inevitable.  I fully expect Harden to be dealt before the season, but to where?  Who knows.

-John (uncle_mac4)

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