Why You Should Think Twice About Drafting Antonio Brown In Fantasy

If you watched the first episode of Hard Knocks the other night then you’ll know the Raiders have big plans for how they want to use Antonio Brown. Brown, however, is sidelined due to what is being called frostbite on each of his feet. The injury was sustained when Brown wore the wrong shoes into a cryogenic chamber.

The team and Brown have both downplayed the injury insisting that Brown will be back in time for the season. When he plays he’s easily one of the best fantasy wideouts in the game. We know that. What we don’t know is when exactly he’ll be back, and what one former Olympian has to say may give you pause on drafting AB early in fantasy.

Olympian Justin Gatlin, a sprinter, said he suffered a similar injury to the one Brown is dealing with now under similar circumstances, and it took him MONTHS to get right. Gatlin described his difficulty at running and noted that ” he’s not going to be able to run those routes properly without healing his feet totally”.

Now take it for what you will. Galtin isn’t a football player, but he knows a thing or two about running. If what he says hold true, then Brown could potentially be a candidate for the PUP list and wouldn’t be back till much later in the season. Not something you want from your WR1.

Mixed Speculation

We won’t know for sure when Brown will be back, and there’s been much speculation. One source told Adam Schefter it won’t be long term. Others, like Gatlin, have said it could take a chance out of his season. Therefore, draft AB early at your own risk. I’d skip out on him for sure if your draft is within the next week or two and we still don’t know any more.

-Dillon Leary


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