Couch Guy Sports Podcast Ep. 120 Ft. 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Christian Arcand: Is Tom Brady Pissed? | Cancel the Red Sox

Nick Quaglia and Jared Scali jumped back into another week of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast and this time they were joined by 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Christian Arcand of the Adam Jones Show.

With Arcand, the guys got into the big news… Tom Brady’s house is officially up for sale. With all of the speculation going on about his contract and whether or not he’s pissed at the Patriots, is this a sign that he could actually be gone after this season?

After they finish up with their interview, Nick and Jared give their own thoughts on Brady. And let me say, Brady could be out of here quicker than we thought.

And finally, it might be time to cancel the Red Sox. They’ve had themselves a wild season of ups and downs since day one. The defending World Champions are getting absolutely SMOKED in the division right now and they’re falling further and further back in the Wild Card. Is the season officially done? Is it time to start moving onto next season?

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