Why You Should Draft Amari Cooper in Fantasy Football

Last year he was bad. This year he could win you your fantasy league.

Amari Cooper started his NFL career with two seasons receiving over 1,000 yards. In his third year he couldn’t repeat his success.

In 2018 Cooper looked like a hot trash when he was on the field. He had two big games and that’s all. He struggled to catch the ball and when he did he only accumulated 48 catches and 680 yards.

So why should you be excited? I already mentioned how Cooper already has two 1,000 yard seasons under his belt, but what I didn’t mention is thatMichael Crabtree is gone from this Oakland Raider offense.

Crabtree took his talents to Baltimore where he will most likely be Joe Flacco’s go-to-guy. That means Derek Carr’s new go-to-guy is Cooper rather than Crabtree.

Oakland did get Jordy Nelson to come and replace Crabtree but do we really know how much is left in Nelson’s tank? He disappeared when Aaron Rodgers was injured last season. If he was that big of a difference maker Brett Hundley would have been throwing to him and not Davante Adams.

With new head coach Jon Gruden already saying they are going to center the offense around the former Alabama receiver there is little doubt that he will be an impact player for Oakland. Even his quarterback talked about how he will be much better this season because he was “more injured” than people were led to believe.

With him being taken around the fourth round in fantasy football drafts, Amari Cooper could help win your league. In his second year he was ranked the number 13 receiver; that is a borderline number 1. If you could pair him with another receiver you snatch up in the first or second round teams around your league should be worried.

-Jarrod Ribaudo (@Jribs53)

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