WATCH: NFL Training Camps Are Basically UFC Octagons At This Point; DeAndre Hopkins & Jimmie Ward BRAWL

These NFL training camps are becoming straight mayhem. Yeah, we get some footage here and there about some actual practice going on. Some guy named Antonio Brown is playing some football. Catching the ball with his hands. What an idiot, right? That’s not what you do at camp.

You strap up and you start swinging your fists at guys with helmets on. Now obviously Jimmie Ward got the memo and fought a guy without a helmet, but for the most part, guys are punching legitimate safety devices designed to protect the head.

Props to this fight though because this was a legit brawl. For the most part, these fights are cool, but little punches are actually landed. It turns into a massive pushing and shoving match where it usually involves people who had NOTHING to do with the actual play.

Hopkins got caught with a haymaker too that seemed to knock him silly for a second. You can’t see what went down at the bottom of that pile, but Jesus Christ I gotta imagine he got crushed down there.

I’m loving every second of these fights. At some point, Dana White is going to show up and start handing out contracts. He’s a man of the people who gets it. There’s clearly some untapped talent in the NFL that needs to be translated into the Octagon. Hell, I’ll help get it done. Fly me out and I’ll start recruiting. I just need to see these guys in the ring. Settle the differences with your lack of fighting technique in an organized fashion. Who wants to watch guys who actually know how to defend themselves? Nerds.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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