Why Yankee Fans Suck Even More Now

The level of how delusional Yankee fans are just went up a couple notches after yesterday’s Tigers-Yankees brawl. If you think Austin Romine didn’t get his ass handed to him by Miggy you are insane. Go watch it again and if you still think Romine won this fight then come back and keep reading this, if you are mentally stable and realize that Miggy won then still, keep reading.

So, on top of Romine getting his face beat in the Yankees also have Gary Sanchez who now is without question the biggest pansy in the league. This beast of a man is a pure waste of a body. He thought it was ok to sucker punch Cabrera while Miggy was on the ground on two separate occasions during this altercation.

I am not so mad about the hitting him while he is down, but the running away like a school girl when her crush is around. He is a big boy, stand your ground big fella you are big enough to hold your own, act like it!

I am happy this happened because before this I had respect for Sanchez because the kid can hit, after yesterday? Oh baby, I have absolutely no respect for him anymore and I could not be any happier! Sanchez could probably get his ass destroyed by anyone around the league because he would throw one punch, when the other person isn’t looking, then run away faster than you could blink.

I became a much bigger Tigers fan after yesterday’s events and respect the hell out of Justin Verlander even more. I mean what can that man do wrong? Stud pitcher, smoke show GF, has some brass ball on him, and goes to war with anyone for his teammates. Definitely someone I would love to be pitching in a Red Sox uniform.  Dombrowski take the hint and go get him!

Written By: Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)


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