Is Kony Ealy Already on the Trade Block?

Well, it appears that just a few months after acquiring Kony Ealy from Carolina, he could already be on his way out of New England. Recent reports have indicated that Ealy is certainly available, as the Patriots have been gauging his trade marker over the past couple days.

Throughout training camp, we found out that Ealy had some trouble adjusting to the Patriots playbook, which caused him to struggle in practice. With that in mind, it should come to shock absolutely no one that he is already on the block. This is how the Patriots have operated for years, if you can’t figure out their system, they don’t need you. And they typically don’t care who you are either. Considering how little they gave up to acquire him, I could see them potentially moving on from him if he continues to struggle.

However, as of late people have been saying that Ealy has started to catch on. While I absolutely wouldn’t be shocked if he were traded/cut, I also wouldn’t be surprised if this is just a smoke screen. Maybe they wanted this to get out to the public so it could serve him as motivation to continue working hard? But who knows what’s actually going on in Belichick’s head, only time will tell. I do know that this weeks pre-season game vs. the Lions will be a huge game for Ealy, it could make or break his season.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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