Why Trevor Bauer Should be a Red Sox in 2021

The MLB is continuously moving forward with their playoffs. The Astros look like they’re going to head back to the World Series. BOOOOOOOOO! The Yankees might also head back after tying their series at two games a piece last night. BOOOOOOOOOOO! But there could be one silver lining in all of this. Trevor Bauer could end up a Red Sox. Wait, YAAAY?!

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That’s right Big Cat! It could very well happen.

The Boston Red Sox need pitching. There’s no arguing that. If you want to hear three angry Red Sox fans talk about that, listen to the latest CGS episode below. But anyways, Trevor Bauer. Imagine him in a Red Sox uniform? Well, he teased out such a thought on Twitter the other day.

Now obviously, this is more of trolling than anything else. But it got me thinking, could Trevor Bauer in Boston potentially happen? Here’s a few reasons why I think it could.

Providing More Depth

You need depth in this starting rotation. Eduardo Rodriguez will hopefully be back next year, but there’s no guarantees there. Chris Sale will HOPEFULLY be back by the All-Star break in 2021. Then you have Nathan Eovaldi, Martin Perez (hopefully), Nick Pivetta and Tanner Houck. Having Bauer as a top end arm helps the Red Sox immensely for 2021. He was an All-star in 2018 in Cleveland with a 2.21 ERA. He was 5-4 with a 1.73 ERA this year in Cincinnati. The guy will definitely give you the additional starting pitching depth you need for next season.

The Money

Give Trevor Bauer a fair amount to come here for a year or two. You have all of that money reset because you passed the August 31st required date. There is money to be spent. You need pitching. Trevor Bauer might need a new home. He’s proven he can succeed in the American League. What am I missing here?

Bauer’s Personality in Boston

Stuff like this is awesome to see! Bauer oozes confidence within every bone of his body. But it’s a situation where Bauer can thrive in Boston. He’s very outspoken. The personality is as electric as it comes. There’s no doubt Bauer would fit into Boston exceptionally well. Maybe even a Section 10 podcast appearance in the future? Hey, you never know!

In Conclusion

A lot of teams will be calling Bauer this offseason. The Red Sox may not get Bauer. But there’s no reason to not call Bauer and at least entertain the idea of bringing him here. After all, what other options do you really have if you don’t pull another Chris Sale-type trade? Bring Bauer to Boston!

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)


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