Why the Worry Over Todd Gurley is Overblown

Ever since the end of last season, the Los Angeles Rams have been bombarded with questions regarding the health of star running back Todd Gurley. Ever since the tail end of last season, Gurley has been dealing with what is essentially arthritis is his left knee. It stems from a left ACL tear in college but has started to hinder him in his NFL career. For both the Rams and fantasy football players this has caused a lot of stress regarding this upcoming season, but here are a couple reasons why that worry should subside:

Gurley has played with the issue: Gurley actually dealt with this knee issue since week 1 of last season. Playing with it certainly did not help, but everyone saw how good he was when he was on the field last season, so the worry over whether he can perform with it should be relatively low.

Gurley was given a big contract: The Rams decided to give Gurley a big contract last offseason to lead their offensive attack. They do want to protect their investment by limiting Gurley’s injury risk, but that does not mean they are going away from him completely. A player of Todd Gurley’s caliber will not be relegated to the bench. So maybe instead of scoring 21 total touchdowns like he did in 2018, he scores something more like 15. He is still a playmaker.

Gurley is superior to every other Ram’s back: In the 2019 NFL Draft, the Rams decided to go ahead and draft a running back in the third round. Darrell Henderson out of Memphis is an explosive player that people expect to help with Gurley’s workload, but he has struggled adjusting to the Rams offense.


Los Angeles does have Malcolm Brown and John Kelly as well, but they are no Todd Gurley.

With an average draft position of the early second round in fantasy drafts, people should be running to snatch Gurley up. He is a running back one that will be a force in a powerful offense once again. Yes, there is a chance that his knee flairs up but he is healthy right now. And every player has a chance of injury if they are running into each other like a bunch of bumper cars. The upside is too high and Gurley will be great once again in 2019.

-Jarrod Ribaudo (@Jribs53)

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