Please NBA, Don’t Force the Pelicans on us

The 2019-20 NBA schedule was released yesterday and everyone thinks their team is going to go 82-0 and win the championship this year.  After the league wide schedule was released, the NBA then released the number of national televised game for each team.

At first look, I agree with the top seven teams.  They are the leagues top teams and basketball fans all over want to see these “good” teams play.  Now, when it comes to national televised games you want to see good teams play good basketball against each other.  Fair.  Now sitting at the eight spot with 20 televised games are the Pelicans.

The Pelicans, who remind you didn’t make the playoffs last year, are playing more televised games than SEVEN playoff teams from last year.  They are also being shown more than the Heat, Spurs, Hawks, and Kings who in my opinion are all going to make the playoffs.

First and foremost, the Pelicans aren’t making the playoffs.  So why is the NBA shoving them down our throats?  They are playing of Opening Night, Christmas, MLK Day and then 17 other games on ESPN, TNT, or ABC.

It’s straight up horse shit that the NBA is forcing us to watch these 28-54 suck bags for 20 games.  I get that Zion was the first pick and there’s a lot of hype around this team, but they are going to suck.  And truthfully Zion won’t be playing if they are getting blown out the Smoothie King Center every night.  I also love how excited ESPN and TNT are to show the Pelicans!! They are totally going to be awesome television!! Worth all 20 games!! NOT.

I do understand what the NBA is doing by trying to expose and market Zion as much as possible, but if you wanted that you shouldn’t have let the Pelicans win the stupid lottery.  Shame on you NBA, shame.

John McCormack (Uncle_Mac4)

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