Why Italy Could Win Euro 2020

Ladies and gentlemen, we finally have our finalist for the Euro 2020 tournament championship! 

On Sunday July 11th, it will be Italy vs. England at 3PM EST. The two will be playing at Wembley Stadium and a winner will be made at the end of the night. So, why will Italy take the Euro 2020 cup home to Rome? Allow me to share my thoughts with you here.

Italy’s Euro 2020 Campaign Thus Far.

What can you say about Italy that you haven’t heard already?

The Italian National Team has been an amazing story to follow all throughout the tournament. Starting at the group stages, Italy was a force to be reckoned with. While their struggles coming into this tournament were a serious concern for the Italians, the group stage told a complete and different story.

Now, Italy comes to this final match against England being the undefeated team at 5-0. Only having tied against Spain in the Semi-finals while everything else beating everything in its path.

For Italy, the main story in this tournament is the excellent performance by goalkeeper, Gianluigi Donnarumma. The now PSG Keeper has been a wall for Italy, giving the defense even more confidence in their game. Speaking of their defense, the duo of Chiellini and Bonucci remain to be the best centre-back duo in this whole competition according to many following the tournament.

So, that leaves only one question. Is there something Italy should do differently versus England?

What Italy Could Do Differently!

In order for Italy to win the euro 2020 tournament, there are some things they could do differently and that could bring success!

For starters, the unfortunate fact of Leonardo Spinnazola missing in their defense can and will be a problem for Italy. Spinazzola has been regarded in the tournament as the best defender and rightfully so. However, with him missing, Roberto Mancini may need to think in a different direction.

One of the best options I can possibly think for that could work for this team is a switch in formation. Italy usually runs a successful 4-3-3 style and while it has worked, England could be the one that it would fail against. In my opinion, Mancini should highly consider looking at a 3-4-3 formation that would allow for more pieces in the midfield but could translate to more defensive help and here’s how. See below:

With the 3-4-3 formation, this would allow Mancini to count with Jorginho as CDM’s or CAM’s depending on the flow of the game while also covering the weak point left by Spinazzola. Mancini would also be able to unleash his offensive attack with a creative piece in Locatelli unleashed to give chances to Immobile and Chiesa to put goals in the net.

Final Thoughts.

If there is a game where Italy could be challenged in full is this one. England’s lethal attacking game can be unleashed by Gareth Southgate at a moment’s notice which doesn’t always work well for teams like Italy.

For Mancini and company, this is quite the story to be riding! However, it will be important for Italy to focus solely on the task ahead and avoid letting the crowd at Wembley be a factor in their style of play.

If Mancini does change his lineup and brings more midfield creation, this baby could be coming home to Rome.

(Featured image credit to marca.com)

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