Why Do People Hate Alex Verdugo?

Why do Red Sox fans hate Alex Verdugo without him even playing a game in Fenway? Yea I understand he is no Mookie Betts and can be a one for one replacement for Betts. The fact of the matter is simple, it’s not Verdugo’s fault. He didn’t choose to come here and be the replacement of Betts. Red Sox ownership chose to trade Betts and chose to acquire Verdugo.

The “Punk” Reputation

Also don’t feed me the B.S. of him being a “punk” or anything like that. We all loved players to the likes of Curt Schilling, Manny Ramirez, and even Jim Rice. All of which are widely viewed as some of the games most “hated” players. We loved them because they did one this and one thing only, won. So what the Verdugo plays the game with passion and intensity, THOSE ARE GOOD THINGS.  Go back and look at his treatment with the Dodgers. His teammates, coaches, and FANS loved him! He is a good player. He will be a lightning rod and have major contributions to this team. Stop blaming this kid when 95% of you have probably never seen Verdugo even take an at-bat.

Comparisons to Mookie?

I am not saying he will be the superstar the Betts was here, or even be the biggest fan favorite of all time. All I am saying is, give the guy a chance. I understand he won’t replace Mookie offensively, but at the end of the day, its a team sport. No one player can carry you through the entire season and into the playoffs. If that were true, Mike Trout would be in the playoffs year after year.

Don’t even think to start in on how “successful” Mookie was during the playoffs for us. His batting average is .227. If anything he hurt us during the postseason and relied heavily on his teammates to pick up his slack. I’m not bashing Mookie at all here, I will be leading the charge on wanting him to re-sign with the Red Sox. I will always be a Mookie fan even if it is with another team unless it’s the Yankees!

My Final Opinions

Honestly, I think Verdugo was not brought here for this year. Personally, I think he was brought in to replace another player that came up through the Red Sox system and has been a staple in the outfield for the last few years. if you have guessed, I am talking about Jackie Bradley Jr. I think his days in a Sox uniform are numbered. Let’s be honest, we are paying him 11 million dollars for his defense.

Well, my question to you is, wouldn’t you rather pay a 600k for a guy that has way more offensive output and slightly less reliable in the outfield? Especially when we are trying to bring back Mookie, who will require a Brinks truck full of money. Boston is a hard enough place to play as it is, let’s not make it more difficult on a player that could be a huge piece for us for years to come.

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-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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