Why Avengers: Infinity War Is The Most Anticipated Movie In Cinematic History

TOMORROW, Avengers: Infinity War will finally hit theaters tomorrow! 10 years, 18 movies have been building to this and finally; it’s actually here. It seems now more than ever, blockbuster movies are much common than they used to be. But this, this is different. In my humble opinion, Avengers: Infinity War is the most anticipated movie in the history of film. It’s a bold claim for sure but I am here to tell you why I think that.

Back in 2008, superhero movies were popular but they weren’t what they are now. That same year, Marvel Studios was formed and they came out with their first film Iron Man. A movie with a B list superhero and an actor in Robert Downey Jr. who was shunned by Hollywood. It shouldn’t have worked, but it turned out to be spectacular. But it didn’t end there. After the credits ended, there was a scene that changed everything. Samuel L. Jackson appeared as Nick Fury telling Tony Stark about the Avenger Initiative. What followed was an Iron Man sequel, and solo outings for Hulk, Thor, and Captain America. They were all good movies but they weren’t game changers. That changed in 2012. Those five solo movies led to a film that changed movie history, The Avengers. It was the first movie ever in bring together multiple franchises together and it was absolutely amazing. Seeing these characters interact with one another was incredible and it worked perfectly.

Fast forward to now, Marvel Studios has now made 18 movies that varied from good to great. But seriously, they have not made a bad movie. Their lowest movie on Rotten Tomatoes is Thor: The Dark World and it is still fresh at 66%. That’s amazing considering how many movies they have made. Despite all of these movies with their different tones, they all had one cohesive goal. That goal was to make Infinity War. Thanos is coming for the Infinity Stones and every single hero from those 18 movies will come together for the first time to take him down. Seeing these characters interact for the first time in Infinity War will bring back the same utter jubilation like The Avengers gave us.

When the original Avengers came out, I was going through a rough part of my life. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease a few months earlier and I was pretty depressed during those months. My younger brother felt bad and decided to take me to go see The Avengers. After watching that movie, it was the first time I felt happiness in a long time. I became obsessed with the MCU and it’s what caused me to become such a huge fan today. To me and to so many others, these Marvel heroes are more than movie characters. They are real people. So to see these characters we have grown up with for possibly the final time to take on the biggest bad in the universe, well that’s a once in a lifetime moment. A lot of tears will be shed and I have no shame in saying. Stay tuned for my spoiler free review on Friday and my spoiler review next week!

Steve Santoro (SVS_1993)

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