Why An Anthony Davis-Lakers Trade Makes Zero Sense

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If you haven’t already heard, Anthony Davis finally came to his senses and requested a trade from the Pelicans earlier this week. According to his agent, who he shares with LeBron James, AD’s preferred destination is the Los Angeles Lakers. You know, the team that signed LeBron to a four-year contract this Summer. I’m here to tell you all why a trade between the Pelicans and Lakers for AD wouldn’t make any sense.

There’s no denying that the Lakers core of young talent hasn’t lived up to expectations to start their respective NBA careers. Let’s face it, LA has done a shitty job of drafting and developing talent over the last few seasons (outside of Kyle Kuzma). Why would NOLA want some sort package with Ivica Zubac, Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, and a first round pick when they can just wait until the Summer and trade him to Boston for way more?

The Celtics hands-down could put together a much more compelling package for AD than any team in the league, especially the Lakers. Hell, I think Phoenix could make a better offer than LA. Danny Ainge’s known hard-on for AD plus his collection of young talent and draft picks makes this a one team race. Ainge would risk it all if it meant getting Davis in green, and he’s on the record saying it:

If New Orleans was smart (big if), they wouldn’t be in any rush to trade AD. They would wait until July 1st when the Celtics can re-sign Kyrie Irving to cancel out the Rose Rule and execute a trade then. This may come off as extremely biased, but it would be in their best interest to wait. Try to prove me wrong.

I’m fairly certain there is some collusion going on between the Lakers, Rich Paul, and LeBron James. I’ve been spooked about it ever since the two were spotted getting dinner together about a month ago. It would also explain the bull-shit rumors that Kyrie Irving wants to team up with LeBron again in LA. Who else would make that up, knowing the crux of their plan revolves on Kyrie not going back to Boston?

Everyone, including the league, knows about this alleged collusion. The Pelicans even went as far as begging the league to do something about it. In response, they dropped a measly $50K fine on Anthony Davis’ head. That’s the equivalent of fining someone with a $40,000 salary just $78. Ipso facto, they didn’t give a shit.

Since the Lakers and Rich Paul can do whatever they want, and if Paul is SO confident he can force his client to LA, why not just wait until free agency? There’s little to no chance LA will make a run at Golden State this season or next, with or without Davis on the roster. Why should the Lakers waste time and assets trying to get a guy that they’re SO sure wants to play for them? You can throw the Paul George situation out all you want, but it’s different when AD and LeBron share the same agent and LeBron literally has an ownership stake in the agency. Everything about this is fishy.

I’m not trying to sound like a homer again, but I think Davis will be on the Celtics this Summer, and I think he’ll re-sign in Boston. The C’s just have better assets than anyone in the league, giving them the upper hand. Plus, Kyrie and AD are boys. I think their desire to play together would guarantee a long-term deal for Davis in Boston.

The Pelicans have clearly had enough of Rich Paul’s bull shit over the last few days. All they owe him and Davis at this point is the money left on his contract. Why should they do those two a favor when they could set themselves up better for the future? Be smart, New Orleans. Just wait until the Summer and make me a very happy boy.

-Nick Cherico (@CouchGuyCherico)

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