The Rafters Podcast Ep. 3: Lebron And Kyrie Are In Cahoots

We’re back and yet again speaking of the ancient game of basket hoop.

Anthony Davis has made it VERY CLEAR he wants out of New Orleans and will not re-sign with the team. The Pelicans front office wants the NBA to be aware of any tampering going in the league.

The tampering that no ones talking about is LeBron James very blatantly trying to will Kyrie to LA with him. Is Kyrie the biggest bitch in the history of the NBA if he goes with LeBron?

Connor really likes Gordon Hayward. This is not Connor writing this so I am going to use this time to trash Connor for his incredibly wrong opinion here. Gordon Hayward is not good at basketball. Was he in the past? Sure. But now he is not. He is a travesty. Him and Jake Layman are the exact same player right now only one costs $30 MILLION more.

Riley was just so right about Kenneth Faried, who is tearing it up in Houston as we speak.

The age old question: Can anybody beat the Warriors? No. Probably not. Boogie is back, he’s looking healthy as hell and we’re scared.

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