Who should be the one to beat Brock Lesnar?

Brock Lesnar has been the WWE Universal Champion for nearly 400 days. One of the longest world title runs of all time and the longest of this era. The renowned cage fighter has remained undefeated since winning the title from Goldberg at Wrestlemania 33. That streak continues today after just barely itching by against Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns has lost to Brock Lesnar 4 times. Once at Wrestlemania 31, once in a fatal four way also involving Samoa Joe and Braun Strowman, once at Wrestlemania 34, and again today at Greatest Royal Rumble. Look, I know everyone thinks Roman is the guy that was supposed to be the guy, but at this point, it looks like that isn’t happening. If he was going to win it anywhere, it would have been at GRR. That was the best shot of NOT having him boo’d to death. Anywhere else, it will be met with negative reception. But alas, they didn’t do that.

At this point, it seems like they’re going to drag it out past the 434-day record-setting title reign set by CM Punk, for the mere sake of setting a new record as well as taking some spotlight off of CM Punk. They didn’t exactly have the most civil of breakups… But that’s an entirely different topic.

So if not Roman, then who?

How about Braun Strowman? He’s red hot right now and would look great holding that red belt. Well, they already did that match. And he lost. Samoa Joe? Same deal. No. I think the man to dethrone the Beast needs to be someone new. Whoever does it will be set up for greatness for the rest of their career. Brock is already a legend and this Universal title reign only further cements his legacy. My pick is somebody that hasn’t even been in the ring with Brock yet. And that man is:

Finn Balor.

Yes. Finn has wanted a piece of the Beast since he returned from injury last year. It was rumored that we were supposed to get it at the Royal Rumble THIS year, but we got Brock vs Braun Strowman instead. 

Now, when I say Finn Balor, I don’t mean sexy Finn sporting his leather jacket flashing his god-like abs. I mean The Demon. Whom we haven’t seen since last summer, and only saw once in WWE a year before that. The same one that beat Seth Rollins to become the very first Universal Champion. He only brings out the Demon for special occasions. Hell, we didn’t even see him at Wrestlemania when he was competing for the Intercontinental Title. Something tells me they’re saving him for a big one. The biggest one.

Demon vs Beast…

Braden Jackson – @Dembrae

Images provided by WWE.com.

One thought on “Who should be the one to beat Brock Lesnar?

  • The Not Fake DC

    How about Gargano or maybe even Adam Cole? Could launch either ones legitimacy on the main roster?


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